With twenty inches of snow on the ground and temps as low as seven below outside, we were forced to bring the big dogs inside.

There is a reason they are outside dogs…..THEY STINK!

Cody is our (Devin’s) Chesapeak Bay retriever…..he stinks! Dixie is our black lab. She is old, she is fat, she has hip displasia and she stinks too! She is, by far, the most beloved……and she knows it.

Needless to say, with all the dogs inside, things were beginning to get a little…..odoriferous. As I stated before, THEY STINK! This is where the quote of the day comes in.

Cassady was in the playroom with the dogs watching t.v. when she walked into the living room and said, ” whew! Dixie has gas….bad!” Devin said, “does she need to go out?” “No”, she said, “she is just old and that’s what happens when you get old….you have a lot of gas.” Then Devin, who is generally not a funny person said to Cassady, “well if that’s the case then you must be 102 years old!”


Now that’s funny!