Everyday, when I pick the kids up from school I ask them what the best part of their day was….it’s just a way to find out about their day.

Caleb immediately said, “I will tell you about the Funniest part of my day!” “ok” I said, “lets hear it.”

“Well” he said, “I was sitting in class, doing my work, when the phone rang from the front office. I thought to myself, wow, it would be great if that was my mom calling to say she was taking me to lunch. Ms. Jennings answered the phone…talked for a minute and said, ‘Mikayla, your mom will be picking you up for lunch today.'”

[He then told me that when the teacher said “Mikayla”, he thought she said “Caleb”, he got so excited that he was gonna get to out to lunch….he quietly said under his breath….YEEEESSSSSS!]

By now, I am feeling so bad for this kid, I was almost tearing up!

When it was time for lunch, he didn’t take his lunch to the lunch room because he thought I was picking him up any minute. (SEE! Isn’t this sad?) Finally, after waiting on me for about about ten minutes he asked Mrs. Jennings, “when is my mom coming to get me?” She said, “oh no! Your mom is not coming, I said, Mikayla….not Caleb…..I’m sorry.”

Now I am feeling like a terrible, horrible, selfish, no-good-for-nothing mother for forgetting to pick him up for lunch! Wait a minute……I didn’t forget……I never said I would pick him up in the first place! That’s how caught up I got into his story!!!! I was feeling guilty for something I didn’t even do!

With tears in my eyes, I said, “I’m so sorry buddy that you were disappointed and embarrassed.” Then, to my amazement, he said, “I wasn’t sad momma, I thought it was hilarious….I just laughed and laughed at myself!”

I felt a deep sense of satisfaction that he was able to laugh at himself, laugh at life and not sweat the small stuff. The next day, to make myself feel better, I surprised him with lunch from McDonald’s….we had a great time and I didn’t forget!