Here we are, the first day of 2011. I love beginnings…..beginnings of anything……. The beginning of a day, beginning of a project, beginning of a vacation, beginning of a new year. It’s just something about the beginning, everything is so fresh and new with no mess ups or problems. It’s a chance to start over with a clean slate.

I don’t usually make new years resolutions, not out loud anyway. Oh sure, I always say I’m gonna loose weight, exercise more (or any) and de-clutter my house but I usually fall flat on my face by day three.

This year I am telling my new years resolution to the whole world (or at least to those of you who read my posts). My thinking is that maybe if the whole world knows my resolution then I will work harder at keeping it.

Ok here it goes…….

[waffling back and forth]

Ok here it goes again……I am kicking the diet coke habit for good!

If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE diet coke and have for many years. When I wake up in the morning I have one. When I eat breakfast I have two! When I get in the car, I stop and get a 32 ouncer. Later in the day, at lunch I will have another 32 ouncer. I will then have one with dinner and then two more before I go to bed. Get the picture?

My favorite is the diet coke from Sonic! The styrofoam cup, the big red straw, the happy car hop that brings it to me…..Oh my word! Their diet cokes are so wonderful (I think they put something extra in theirs) my mouth is watering right now just talking about it.

Anyway……back to quitting…..I have been thinking about this for some time and have been telling my poor husband that I need to quit for a year or more. I have decided the time has come. Somewhere, my mother is down on her knees thanking Jesus. She thinks I am going to hell for drinking that poison

I posted on facebook that I was on day two of no diet coke. The reviews were mixed. Many were supportive, some were confused as to why I wanted to quit and a few thought I was flat out crazy!

I’ll tell you why I want to quit. First of all I know all of that junk cannot be good for my body. Second of all, it is controlling me and I don’t like that. I saw a segment of toddlers and tiaras the other day of a four year old little girl. She was all dolled up in her $700 dress, big hair, makeup, and high hill shoes and she was throwing a fit with this stupid pacifier in her mouth. She called it her “ni-ni”. She was screaming for her ni-ni because she didn’t think she could go on without it. I though to my self, how stupid is that! She doesn’t need that thing! She is to big for it and she is better than that. Why don’t they just take it away from her!

Then I thought, wow, I am just like that with my diet coke. I feel like I cant live without it. I mean right now I am throwing a fit for my diet coke (minus the big hair) I am just like that bratty kid!

Thirdly is the cost! Don’t tell Devin but I am spending a lot of money on my habit. Here is the run down. One large Sonic diet coke is $1.95. I have, at the very least, two a day. That is $3.90 a day. $27.30 a week. $109.00 a month and (brace yourself here) $1,423.50 a year!!!

I can buy me one big ol’ purse with that much money!

So there you have it. I am throwing away my “ni-ni”! If any of you see me with a diet coke……. tell Devin. Now that he knows how much money I will be saving, he will never let me drink another one. I purchased my last Sonic diet coke on Dec. 23 and kept the receipt as a reminder.

I will keep you posted on my progress!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s make it a good one!