For more than 30 years i have been a fan of diet drinks. In high school it was Tab. Remember Tab? Then a few years later Coca-Cola came out with a new product named Diet Coke! It was love at first sip! I am an all or nothing kinda girl, so of course I went over board. I woke up in the morning with a Diet Coke and I went to bed with one. It was kinda like my cigarette. When people thought of me….they thought of Diet Coke. I had a diet coke glass to drink my Diet Coke out of. Believe it or not I have, not one but two, Diet Coke Christmas ornaments to go on our tree! What a sicko! I mean I was really over the top, hooked on this stuff so I decided it was time to break off this toxic relationship.


On December 29th I took my last swallow of Diet Coke.

[a moment of silence]

Sniff, sniff….

Ok I’m better now. I have had so many people send me notes of encouragement telling me to keep up the good work and not to give up. Thank you! Well, I am here to update you on my progress. I am now on day 14 with no diet coke! That’s right! Let the trumpets play and the hoots and hollers ring out!

Now that we have that out of the way let me give the credit to the people who really deserve it…..YOU! That’s right, I could not have accomplished this without the encouragement and guilt of my friends and readers. Really! It’s true because I have tried this many times before always ending in failure within just a few days. As a matter of a fact, when Caleb heard that I was quitting Diet Coke he said, “again? Didn’t you do this last year too?”

Little turd.

My family may not have believed that I could do this , and rightfully so, but you did. My mother thanks you and so do I. Now let’s not fool ourselves……this ain’t been easy….and I’m not done…….I still REALLY want a Sonic Diet Coke but I know all of you are watching and waiting and asking and encouraging so…….. I will not fall of the wagon!

Many have asked about the headaches and coming off the caffeine. Well the truth is, I still have caffeine. That was never the problem. It was the aspartame that was the problem and I was wanting to get it out of my system. Now, I can’t prove it but I think the aspartame was making me sick. I was drinking so much of that stuff that it was making me feel awful. My muscles ached so bad, I was walking like an old woman and we all know I am not old! Since getting off the Diet Coke I do feel better which leads me to believe that it was the aspartame or one of the other many chemicals that I was swallowing on a daily basis.

I had someone tell me that she had a friend who smoked heavily and drank Diet Coke heavily. When she saw her doctor she asked him, “if I were to choose to quit one of these, which one would you prefer I quit?” His answer? Diet Coke! Wow!

As for the caffeine, I have been getting plenty of that from hot tea. I have grown to love it but now my teeth are turning brown which makes me look like an old lady……… I want to WALK like an old lady or LOOK like an old lady? Just kidding!

In closing, let me say that once I made up my mind and surrounded myself with people who would hold me accountable it has been much easier than I thought and I am very proud of myself for kicking the habit!

Do you need to kick one too? Think about it.