During the Thanksgiving break I was blessed to have ALL of my kids at home, in one place, at the same time. (I use the word BLESSED loosely). While Colton and Megan were home we decided to play some games. Most normal families can play game without a fight….right? Well I just want to have a normal family. I am not asking for a lot……just normal. Without going into too much detail, we have one person in the family who is a mouthy, hot head to say the least. We just chalk it up to hormones. Anyway, Colton said, “lets play UNO”. We were all in the mood to play (except Devin) so we gathered around the table and started dealing cards.

All was good for a while but it didn’t take long before I could feel the winds of change comin’ on. I began to pray and hope for a peaceful ending but the “ONE” (you know what I am talking about, every family has “ONE”) began to take it personal. Out of nowhere, something happened and Cassady got mad at Colton and called him a zit face (held over from his high school days) and before I knew it Colton punched her in the arm. BAM! Just like that. My sweet little normal family became out of control in a matter of seconds!

Cassady immediately began to cry saying, “Thanks a lot Colton, You just hit me in my broke arm!” Just so you know….she doesn’t have a broke arm. (She “fractured” her arm seven years ago when she jumped off the back of a moving truck, it’s fine.) At this, Colton began to laugh and said, “Your arms not broke! Your just being all dramatic, that didn’t even hurt.” We all began to snicker a bit………Caleb, sitting there in nothing but his boxers, was doing a littlt more than snickering. He was laughing his head off, pointing at her and repeating the fact that her arm was not broken. She was getting madder by the second. When Cassady gets mad anything can happen. I was trying, with no success, to calm things down when suddenly Cassady stood up, pushed her chair back and stated to the top of her lungs, “Caleb if you wanna keep them nipples of yours, you better shut your pie hole!” OUCH!

Colton lost it! We all lost it! It was kinda funny. (I am laughing just thinking about it) Colton flashed a big grin at me, and gave me the “typing” sign, telling me that this is defiantly blog worthy.

The holidays just wouldn’t be the holidays without a little family drama…….and we have more than our share!