I really don’t like having to use public restrooms. As a woman who has given birth to four children, I don’t have much choice sometimes…. Cause……when you gotta go, ya gotta go! And I have to go a lot! I know where the ladies room is in EVERY store in the state of Oklahoma.

It never fails, when I am forced to use a public restroom I leave mad and frustrated. The other day I was at Sam’s buying a truck load of food for a catering job and….you guessed it….I had to go. I walked in, checked the stalls for the best one (one that was flushed, had toilet paper, a purse hook and a lock that works! I’m picky like that) As soon I walked in, the stupid automatic toilet flushed and scared me to death! It was one of those industrial strength, bionic, super duper, extra loud, suck you down the pipe kind of toilets. When I turned around to hang up my purse, it flushed again and scared me to death again! When I sat down, it flushed again. When I reached for the paper, it flushed again! I am not kidding….that stupid toilet flushed about eight times before I could get out! So much for being green and saving water. That toilet just wasted about fifteen gallons of water and made me mad to boot!

I really don’t need an automatic toilet. I can just flush it with my foot. I have done it for years! Now everything in public restrooms are automatic. The water, the soap, the dryer and the paper. I think if they are going to have automatic bathrooms then they need to make all of them the same so we are not so confused. I walked up to a sink the other day and just stood there with my hand under the faucet like an idiot…..waiting for it to come on…..I am sure people thought I was a nut or something. Finally I realized that it was the old fashioned type. You know, the kind with the handle that you have to turn. I also find myself trying to figure out the paper dispenser. Do I crank it? Pull it? Wave at it? Or talk to it? It’s just all to confusing!

The next thing ya know….they will have an automatic wiper 🙂