With 21 years of parenting 4 spirited and rambunctious children, Devin and I have seen our share of “accidents”, ranging from miner incidences to major catastrophes.

We have had

4 broken arms
1 broken leg
1 broken foot
1 broken coller bone
A busted head…..complete with stitches
And a point blank shot in the hand with a CO2 B.B. gun that required surgery to get it out!

Those were the ones that caused bodily harm and trips to the E.R. But there have been many more that caused harm to Things, like…

Busted Sheetrock! We have had…

A Skateboard through the Sheetrock
A door knob through the Sheetrock
A head (Calebs with the help of his older brother) through the Sheetrock

Busted bricks! I’ll tell that story in the next post…you don’t want to miss this one!

Our dog’s head was slammed in the door, hard! (by Cassady) Poor JoJo, bless his heart, he walked kinda sideways for a week.

Numerous things have been broken, like…

The toilet (Cassady again) I have no idea how this happened but it was broken in half!

Gameboy screen, busted (guess who)

Pictures knocked off walls

lights busted off of the living room ceiling fan (twice, during sword fights)

Dishes broken…the list goes on and on.

Something new happened a few weeks ago that I must add to the list. Cassady, who is fourteen, had been asking her dad to teach her how to drive for weeks. Every time she would ask, he would come up with some reason NOT to put her behind the wheel of our car. He never really said “no”, he would just put it off to another time. So, one day she asked me If I would teach her (this is where the trouble starts). I felt kinda bad for her so I told her I would take her for a quick spin around our property….I mean….what can happen on a dirt road out in the middle of nowhere….right?

Let me insert a tidbit of information right here. About six months ago Devin bought me a beautiful GMC Denali, this is a big deal because we don’t buy vehicles very often. When we buy a car, we drive it till the wheels fall off….literally. When it’s time for us to get rid of a car, we just drive it to the junk yard because it is shot! So for me to get a new car, a Denali, was a big deal and I was very grateful to have it. Now back to my story.

I ran in the house to get my keys. I put cassady in the drivers seat and I sat in the passengers side ready to wow her with my teaching skills. Devin will be so proud, I thought to myself, I’m taking on the job that he doesn’t want to do. Cassady turned on the car and I showed her how to back out of the drive (so good so far). We headed down our dirt road toward granny’s old place, turned around in her drive and then on toward the other end of Rohr Rd.

This was going much easier than I anticipated. Contrary to past experiences, Cassady was doing exactly what I told her to do and it was working for her. She was doing great!

The whole lesson only took about six minutes…I didn’t want to push my luck, plus, I wanted to get back home to tell Devin how well she did and that nothing happened to the car.

Everything was going perfectly until…. the last five seconds of the lesson….and then it happened. As she was pulling into the drive she turned in too sharp and hit a huge rock that was part of the landscape. It sounded horrible and I knew instantly that she tore something up! My heart sank. I told her to put it in park and get out. When she got out I heard her say, “uh oh, did I do that?” (what kind of question is that?) About that time Devin came out of the house (I guess he heard the commotion). “What happened?”, he said, as he came off the back steps. I walked around the car to see what damage there was, if any. There was! When she hit the rock, it ripped the plastic trim off the running board. There was two twelve inch pieces hanging off, waving in the wind. Oh Lord, I hated for Devin to see this! “It’s my fault”, I said, “I shouldnt have taken her in this car, I’m sorry.” I felt so bad. Devin works very hard to get us the things we need, and now this.

Devin walked around the car to see the damage, I held my breath…he stood there for a minute and then he said four words. That’s it! Four words! He said, in his calm, controlled tone, “I’ll get the hacksaw”. That’s all he said as he walked off and into his shop. In just a few minutes he came back with his tool of choice and went to sawing.

Before I knew it, he was walking off with the two pieces in his hand. He never said another word. That’s quite the man I have, no gripping, no fussing, no I told you so, just cool calm and collected. I think he knew I was mad enough for both of us.

Oh well, no need to cry over spilled milk right?

As granny used to say, “it’s always something, if it’s not one thing it’s another” Granny was a wise woman.