I had a really long day today. It started at 6:00 A.M. so I could have the kids at the dentist by 7:30. After we were done and the kids were back at school I ran a few errands. At 11:30 I picked up a dear old friend and took her and my mother to lunch. When our lunch was over I took Ruth home and took my mom back to her car leaving me just enough time to meet a doctor’s appointment at 2:00. Then I was off to pick the kids up from school.

As we started our 30 minute drive back home I decided that I would take care of a discipline problem with one of the kids (guess who) and that put me in a bad mood.

When we arrived home, I dropped the kids off and had to drive another 30 minutes in order to make the second doctors appointment at 5:00. Made it back home by 5:45.

I said all of this to say……I had a really long day.

One good thing was I didn’t have to cook dinner! I still had some perfectly good taco soup left over from Sunday and THAT was dinner tonight. PERIOD! It didn’t matter if they liked it or not….because…I was too tired to cook. PERIOD! (can you tell that my mind was made up?)

When Mr. Wonderful got home, he said, excitedly, “Oh! I forgot, I set out some deer meat that we need to fry up tonight! We really need to fry it tonight so it won’t go bad.”

WE? I thought. It is never WE, it is just ME!…I could feel it…it started at my toes and worked its way up to my mouth….ANGER. “Well, WE ain’t cookin’ tonight! WE are gonna eat leftover taco soup. PERIOD!

Then Devin said, in his very calm and oh so irritating way, “well if we (there’s that word  again) don’t cook it tonight it will go bad.”

Do you remember the Incredible Hulk? Remember when he got mad? The veins in his neck would pop, his eyes would bulge, then he would clench his fists and let out a horrific growl. Well that is kinda what happened to me when I found out I had to cook! If I had turned green and developed some muscle mass, you wouldn’t be able to tell us apart. I was not happy to say the least and Devin knew it!

I stormed into the kitchen, started banging pots and pans around and slamming doors. I grabbed the meat out of the refrigerator and reached for the mallet so I could pound the steak to make it tender. I took out all of my anger on that poor meat. When I was finished I went to the refrigerator to get the milk when I noticed another bowl of meat. I went outside to ask Devin about it and he said,”Oh no! You have prepared the wrong meat…that meat is for the dogs….the good meat is in the other refrigerator. (now the Incredible Hulk is going to do that thing where he pulls up an oak tree by the roots and throws it across the yard, hitting the bad guy in the head!)

I could not believe it! Now I WAS green! I stormed  into the house and threw the meat out to the dogs. I got the good meat, took the mallet and I beat the daylights out of it!!! Devin started laughing at me and my anger (bless his heart, he don’t know I was pretending that it was him I was hitting) 🙂

After it was all over and the Incredible hulk calmed down, and Devin had his deer steak. When he was done and said,”well, it sure was good and it sure was worth it!”

I had taco soup! PERIOD! Just another day in the Rohr household.