Kelsey was watching one of her favorite T.V. shows tonight. Devin walked in and plopped down in his chair and said, “why are we watching this, I thought Niki was on.”  Kelsey said, “Niki….what is that?” “You know that woman who……” [he spends 5 minutes trying to explain who Niki is] Then Kelsey says with a smile, “Oh, you mean Nikita!” “yeah, yeah that’s her”,  he said very excitedly.

I perked up and said, “Oh no ya don’t, we are not watching Nikita!”  “Why not?”, he said. “Because you just want to watch a young, beautiful, exotic, long and lean woman kick her leg real high and do karate tricks”, I said. He just gave me this blank look and said, “No, I just like her because she kills people.” With that I replied, “I can kill people……wanna see?”

Just a little friendly banter in the Rohr household 😉