One of the things in life I find myself worrying about the most (borderline obsessing) is what to write about. Every time I feel inspired to write about something, my mind has to go through this long drawn out guessing game. Back and forth and back and forth….do I write about this or do I write about that??…. It’s absolutely exhausting!

This is no ones fault but my own. As a matter of fact you, my readers, have gone far and above my wildest dreams in the area of support. Every single comment has been positive and encouraging…..prodding me to keep writing, so for me to labor so much over what to write is really unfounded…..other than I think you deserve the best 😉

So, from this point on (fingers crossed) I’m gonna do my dead level best to write what’s in my heart and on my mind, and stop worrying who will like it and who won’t.

Also, just so you know, I have total support from my husband and children when it comes to writing about the funny stories that have them in it. (if they don’t ok it, I don’t write it) I’m so proud of my kids, all four of them, because they have learned to laugh at life and themselves! As a matter of fact, when something funny happens to them or in our family, they usually beat me to it and say, “Momma, you need to write about that!” (you won’t want to miss my next story!)

Thanks guys for being so supportive and for giving me such good material 😉

Thanks babe for being such a good sport and for being so….well….wonderful!

Thanks readers for letting me get this off my chest and thank you for reading. You’re the best!

Ok, I feel better now.