Devin and I built our dream home on a beautiful 15 acre piece of land just outside of Tulsa Oklahoma. His family has lived on this indian allotment for generations and we have been privileged to carry on the tradition by raising, yet another, generation of Rohrs on this little slice of heaven.

One of the best parts about having our home on an acreage is having plenty of room for play and entertaining, but one of the challenges with having so much yard to work with is knowing how to landscape it on such a tight budget!

Having so much yard with so little money to work with was very frustrating for me. I really didn’t know anything about landscape design to begin with, about flowers and shrubs or anything else for that matter. All I knew was the picture I had in my mind….I had no idea of how to get that picture out of my mind and in to my yard!

Our home has a bit of a southern flare to it (beins I’m from the south and all I thought it’d be fittin’ to have a southern home). The inside is filled with all things old, antique and vintage. I really wanted my yard to be an extension of the inside of my home. My vision was to have a fluid transition, as you walked out of the house and on to the porch, then off of the porch and in to the yard. In order to get this effect I wanted to take the outdoors into my home and then pull part of the inside out into the landscape.

As I began to think of ways to create the yard I had invisioned in my mind I quickly realized I would need to work with what I already had or I would have to create something out of nothing, because I didn’t have a “yard” budget, not with four kids to shoe and feed.

One of the first things I did was I took a stroll through the family barn and the many shops and sheds scattered throughout the property. Oh my gosh! I have never had so much fun in all my life! It was like shopping for free! I found old wash tubs, bar stools, lawn chairs, minnow buckets,an old gate, a bicycle, old buckets, a wagon, a wheel barrel even an old lunch box. I had a blast!

I pulled out anything and everything that would hold dirt and stuck a plant in it!

I purchased some cans of brightly colored spray paint and spray painted a few pieces so everything wouldn’t be the same rusty brown color.

I threw in some old lawn chairs

and a couple of iron beds (because I can).

Now it was beginning to look and feel the way I had envisioned.

After I had exhausted all of my options in the barn and shops, I began to hit flea markets and thrift stores! I was out of control! Devin was beginning to get a little concerned, he said our yard was looking like Sanford and Sons junk yard! He would be WRONG! It was beautiful! ANYWAY, I save him a ton of his precious money by using junk and giving old things a new purpose!

This wheel barrel didn’t have a bucket and the wash tub didn’t have a stand so they got married, together they make the perfect couple!

Here it is in the fall

Here is an old bike I found. I painted it pink and propped it up against this tree, wired a basket to the handle bars and stuffed it with flowers! No one in the family could understand why I would stick a pink bike in the yard….the kids were puzzled….Devin just shook his head…but I like it. It makes me smile 🙂

I absolutely love old wash tubs, especially the ones with the original stand. I have them placed throughout the property and crammed full of flowers.

This look is not for everyone for sure, but it works for us. I took a few more snap shots of my flowers from this spring.

I hope you have enjoyed taking a peek into my world. I challenge you to express yourself,don’t be afraid to show your personality and to think outside of the box when it comes to decorating, outside as well as inside! Happy junking!