Many years ago, when Devin and I were newly married, his mom gave me and old square, angel food, cake pan. When I received the cake pan I thought to myself, if there are square cake pans then there must be square cake plates to go with them! That’s how my love for pedestal cake plates began.

Today, 26 years later, I have acquired many pedestal cake plates. I have every size, shape, height and color. Most of them are antique, some of them are new, all of them are special.

Over the years, precious friends and family members have given me cake plates as birthday presents, Christmas gifts, tokens of appreciation or just because, That’s my favorite kind :-). My collection now runs into the thirties! Tall ones, short ones, clear, white and pink ones, round ones and square ones, I have them all. Some I paid good money for but most were flea market or yard sale finds…’s amazing what people get rid of for a buck! You might be wondering where I house such a collection….well….everywhere! I am of the mind that if you own it, you should use it, so I do!

I have them all through our home. In the kitchen showcasing the dessert of the day. Up in on an antique piece showcasing a an old kettle. Or a vace of flowers…

Even holiday decorations! The possibilities are pretty much endless.

Last year I had a progect that really put them to good use. I catered a large wedding for a friend. Every table where the guests would be seated, featured a different old fashioned layer cake…each one showcased atop one of the cake plates…and get this….I made 30! Wow, that job really kicked my behind, but it was so worth it…it was a true labor of love!

We had:
German chocolate
Humming bird
Italian cream
Chocolate Italian cream
Butter milk poundcake
Key lime
and some others that I can’t remember

It was just beautiful! I wish I had some pictures to show you but SOMEBODY lost the little digital camera card…so they were all lost!

Collecting…..anything….is a fun hobby but finding a way to showcase your collection is even funner, I know that’s not a real word but this is my blog and I say it fits perfectly 😉

My hope is that you will be inspired to start your own collection. Get creative and have fun with it! If you’re already a collector, drop me a line and tell me all about it! Well, thanks for dropping by, I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have had writing it.

Happy collecting!