I know you are not supposed to hate. As followers of Christ, hate should not be a part of our daily life or allowed to grow. I have a confession. I have hate in my heart and I don’t plan on getting rid of it any time soon!!! The hate that I harbor is the hate of Fat!

I HATE fat!. I hate putting it on. I hate trying to lose it. I hate trying to hold it in, cover it up, camouflage it and squeeze it into a pair of SPANX! I hate to feel it jiggle, see it’s dimples when it smiles at me. I hate that fat floats to the top when in water! I hate that it waves hello to me under my arms, lies beside me on my bed and drapes softly under my chin.

I REALLY hate what I have to go thru to  try to cover up the fact that I have fat and to convince the world that I am the only woman on the planet that doesn’t have to worry about fat at all. If you have ever tried to maneuver yourself into a pair of SPANX then you know what I mean. What? You don’t know what SPANX are?  They are bionic underwear! They are Gods gift to sagging bottoms and bulging bellies  No self-respecting woman should leave home without them (that’s my opinion).  The word maneuver actually means: carefully directed movement; to plan or manage in a skillful way; to move by some trick or scheme. In other words, covering up fat is ALOT of work!! Actually it is exhausting. All of the sucking in, holding up and binding of fat is just too much!

So, there you have it. I have hate in my heart for fat.