While cleaning the kitchen the other day I noticed an ugly pair of earrings sitting on the counter by the door. They were made of pink sea shells, arranged in the shape of a flower with five fake pearls and a rhinestone in the middle of each one….and….they were clip-ons. I was puzzled by these ugly, old lady earrings. They defiantly were not mine and I had never seen them before, so I decided to ask around the house to see how they ended up on the kitchen counter of all places! I asked Kelsey if she had ever seen them before, she had not. I asked Caleb if he knew where they came from….still a dead end. Cassady was not home for me to ask, so the mystery continued. Later that day, after Devin came home from work, I walked into the bathroom where he was changing….with ugly earrings in hand. “Devin”, I said, “I found these earrings on the kitchen counter this morning….do you have any idea where they came from?” “um, yeah”, he said, “I found those in the back seat pocket of my truck yesterday while I was cleaning it out.”

That was all he said. Nothing else. No excuse. No explanation. As usual he didn’t expound.

Well, this didn’t solve the mystery for me at all. As a matter of fact it made it worse. A thousand questions ran through my head. Were these left there by the first owner of the truck? Did Cassady leave them there? Did he have another woman in his truck? Was he just giving an old lady a ride home or did he have another woman on the side who happened to like ugly earrings? I had to know, so I began to probe further.

“You found these in your truck?”, I asked. “yep”, he said. “wonder where they came from? How long have they been in there? Have you ever seen them before?” I asked. He looked at me with a puzzled look. Before he could say another word I blurted out, “do you have another woman on the side and are these her earrings??

He stopped what he was doing, gave me a pretty cocky half grin and said, “no Tonya, I don’t have another woman, but I can guarantee you one thing….if I did…she would have better looking earrings than that!” We be both just busted out in laughter! We get a real kick out of each other sometimes, just laughing a caring on like a couple of fools!

When Cassady made it home later that afternoon I asked her about the earring (just to solve the mystery once and for all) sure enough, she left them there one day after playing with old dress-up jewelry.

Just for the record, I didn’t really think Devin had another woman but still…..I got my eye on him 😉