Devin and I were on our way to a friend’s house for dinner last night when I noticed that he was taking a different route than usual. So I asked him, “why are we taking Hwy 66? Isn’t taking Hwy 266 just as easy?” (it is my job as a wife to ask these questions). “No” he said matter of fact, ” this way is shorter” (he thinks he knows everything). I wasn’t sure I believed him so I began to asked how he came to his conclusion. I asked,  “Aren’t both ways the same distance? Doesn’t Hwy 266 and Hwy 66 run parallel to each other making them the same distance?” ( I was sure I had him this time) “No” he said, “Hwy 266 is NOT parallel to Hwy 66”. He continued to explain to me the way the two highways were laid out, it sort of looked like a triangle. He said, “the two highways make a, sort of, triangle with the Port of Catoosa being the hypotenuse…………….”Hy-pota-what?”, I said. “You just made up that word didn’t you? That is a made up word, you’re just trying to sound all smart!!!” He just smiled and said, “no I didn’t, that is a term used in geometry, if you would have paid attention in school you would know that.” (this could get ugly) “What makes you think I didn’t pay attention in school? ” Mr. Powell said you didn’t!”, he said. (sorry ’bout that Mr. Powell).

Devin is correct…….a little. I didn’t pay attention in school and I failed Mr. Powell’s history class. I liked to “visit” to much, as Mr. Powell put it. I still like to “visit” 🙂

Then Devin began to explain to me what the hypotenuse was. (I really didn’t want to hear it……I didn’t want to hear it then, and I don’t want to hear it now) He starts his sentence off with, “If you are gonna build a pole barn…..” Well, he just lost me….when am I ever gonna build a stupid pole barn! What is a pole barn anyway? I then drifted off into a trance, not paying attention (again) thinking about how I don’t need to know what a hypota-whatcha-ma-call-it is anyway. When he was finished with his story, all I heard him say was, “so that is what a hypotenuse is.”

All I wanted to know was if the two stupid highways were parallel and this is what I get! Anyway, Devin is proud of himself in that he taught me something new, and I am proud that I have a new word that, after today, I am sure I will never use. Unless I build a pole barn of course