The last half of our vacation was perfect. Lots of beach layin’. Lots of seafood eatin’ and lots of fun havin’. Instead of me trying to tell you all the stuff we did, I thought it’d be easier to show you.

Here are some of the highlights:

This is me…enjoying the sun. With a hat and an umbrella.

And I slathered myself down each day with this.

The reason I have to be covered and protected from head to toe is because the 40 years prior, I did nothing…but burn! over and over and over. Now I have skin cancers to show for it. As a matter of fact, I’m having another removed off my lip when I get back home (oh how I dread that!)so now I am super careful not to burn.

One of our favorite pass times was feeding the seagulls.

If you’re brave enough they’ll take it right out of your hand.

Other forms of entertainment included but not limited to

Comparing pedicures.

Eating junk food.

I almost had to throw this bag of bugles down to go beat up a skinny chick…I ’bout got sick of seeing her prance up and down the beach with her flat stomach and perky…parts. I thought, girl don’t make me go all Shark Week on you…but then I opted to just keep on eating.

Here’s a little football throwing.

A little Caleb burying.

A little chillixan

A little treasure hunting. Kelsey wins the prize for best find!

We enjoyed evenings on the beach. The cool breeze and the beautiful sunset has been the backdrop to some of our favorite memories. This night Kelsey and Cassady were being silly sisters.

Here are some shots of us enjoying dinner at LuLu’s. A Gulf Shores must!

On our way out of the restaurant I noticed the beautiful old oak tree and just HAD to have our picture taken on it.

My time in Gulf Shores was perfect…it really was! Leaving this place is sad for me but I miss home…home to my family, my friends, my church, my dogs and cats and my chickens! Before I left though…I left my mark in the sand. My name in seaweed. Hope it’s still there next year 😉

Thanks for reading all of my Homward Bound posts. Check in tomorrow for “The long trip home. A comedy of errors” I love you more than boiled peanuts!