Once we finally made it to the beach house we didn’t go anywhere for two days…we were for all practical purposes…beach bums. We slept late, stayed up late, we each had our own T.V. so we watched whatever our hearts desired (we don’t have satellite t.v. at home so we were enjoying the variety…BTW Toddlers and Tiaras is a train wreck!), and we ate whatever we wanted when we wanted…wanna pop cycle for breakfast? Have at it! There are no food rules this week. Then, after we got all of our junk packed…we would head for the beach!

I am home.

Now don’t get me wrong…I love Oklahaom…that is where God has strategicly placed me…that is where I belong…but this my friend, is home. I am at perfect peace right here in the sand.

There was one tincy wincy problem though…a little glitch if you will.

Let me explain. When we got to the water on the very first day, the water was absolute perfection…so was the weather. There was a gentle breeze and not a ripple of movement in the water…it was smooth as glass…just the way I like it. Then we took our stuff out of the car and to the water…what stuff you ask? Well, we had:

3 chairs

2 umbrellas

A boogie board…just in case I felt like boogying 😉

47 Beach towels

A beach bag of snacks

A cooler full of drinks

100 SPF sunscreen (I’m not kidding)

And some tunes…gotta have some tunes!

After we spent 15 minutes unloading the car, carrying it to the beach and then setting everything up for a long stay, the kids went for the water…finally to the water! As soon as the kids got about ankle deep I noticed this.

When everybody gets out of the water and then starts pointing into the water…that’s not good…even worse…these were locals that were cautiously pointing…not scaredy cat northerners.

After watching them for a few minutes I realized the crowed was getting bigger. I wondered what the big deal was so I decided I would walk over and ask. “what’s everybody looking at”, I asked. “Oh, just a shark” he said,…actually there’s two of them”. I imagined he was talking about a baby shark or at least a small one so I asked, “how big was he?” He shrugged his shoulders and said, in an un-alarmed tone, “oh I don’t know, maybe as long as me”.

OK! That got my attention! We’re not talking Danny Devito here folks. This man was at least 6’2″! Needless to say, I told my kids to get out of the water for a while…at least long enough for him to move back out to deeper waters. After a while of playing in the sand, we ventured back out into the water and enjoyed the rest of the day.


Once again we packed up enough food and drink to last a week, then towels, sunscreen and tunes. we loaded everything in the car, then we unloaded it, drug it to the shore and set everything up. Once we were done the kids, once again, headed to the water and once again it was smooth as glass.

As soon as Cassady put her big toe in the water, a lady who was in the water about 50 yards away pointed and screamed, “shark!”.

We were beached once again…and the kids were NOT happy. After a short time of waiting we decided to go out and take our chances…sure enough, the shark left and we had another fun day at the beach.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Homeward Bound, as I go have dinner with my old history teacher Mr. powell and his wife Reecie.

Thanks for reading! I love you more than Peanut M&M’S!