This is Lynne. She is my friend. She is my highschool friend. She is my forever friend, and her house was our destination on day 4.

After staying up way too late, talking and laughing and doing what best friends do…I decided to sleep in the next morning. Lynne on the other hand had been up since 5:30 tending to her horses, goats, chickens, donkeys and mule….she’s kinda like a modern day Ellie Mae Clampett…except without the booty shorts and crop top…after breakfast we even took a swim in her cement pond 😉

That afternoon we decided to go get a bite to eat and catch a movie. Once we all showered and got dressed to go, Caleb started looking for his shoes. He looked in the house. He looked out by the pool. He looked in the pool house. He looked in the car. I looked. Cassady looked. Lynne looked. His shoes were nowhere to be found. Then he remembered that he took his shoes off the day before when we were at Jeffery’s house…they must be there he thought. After some texting back and forth it was confirmed. His brand new Under Armour shoes were, indeed, 60 miles away in Bothwell, Mississippi. I was NOT happy! Now I had to make the decision, should I go back and get them? I could just here Devin’s voice in the back of my head…there’s NO WAY I’m gonna drive an hour, one way, for a stupid pair of shoes…he can just do without!

But guess what? Devin not with us! So I get to make my own decision 😉

Anyway…before any movie watchin’ was gonna be done we had to get somthing to eat, and I wanted to eat at one of my all time favorite restaurants… it’s not really a restaurant…it’s just fast food…but I’ve loved this place since I was a kid. We don’t have them in Oklahoma so when I’m home I eat them as much a possible…and gain 20 pounds. Presenting…the one and only Krystal burger!!

Yes I had four 😉

And yes they were worth it.

Disclaimer: Krystal burgers are very small, so eating four Krystas is equivalent to eating one regular size burger. No, really. I’M SERIOUS!

After our dinner and movie, we went back home, enjoyed the evening around the pool, picked a bucket of Muscadines and watched the Olympics until it was time for bed.

The next morning it was time for us to pack our things and get on the road one more time. Lynne and I hugged, promised to come see each other again real soon, cried a little and said our good byes.

Guess where we went next?

Back to Bothwell, Mississippi! That’s right…I did the polar opposite of what Devin would have done…just because I could. BTW, if I want him to know about this I will tell him myself! We drove to Jeffery’s house, got Caleb’s stupid shoes and said our good buys, AGAIN, to Jeffery and Lisa. I’ll let you in on a little hint about why I drove all that way to get Caleb’s shoes….it wasn’t just for the shoes…I wanted to swing by my Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Donald’s house.

Uncle Donald is my mothers baby brother and only brother. His wife, Aunt Evelyn is one of the funniest people I know. I just love listening to her talk and tell stories. We always have the best time laughing at, and with each other. It was such a nice visit. Don’t tell anybody, but I’m kinda glad Caleb forgot his shoes.

When we were done with our visit…it was time for the finale…what we’ve been waitng for all summer…the last leg of my journey home… Gulf Shores, Alabama!

This is where the kids start to get excited. The George Wallace Tunnel. The kids always say, this is the mouth of the whale.

This is the belly of the whale.

This is where you get pooped out of the whale. Not really 😉

At last, after hours of bumper to bumper traffic we made it to my slice of heaven.

I am home.

Thanks for reading! I love you more than sand between my toes!