As I stated in my last post, after a twelve hour drive, we ended up in Bothwell, Mississippi at my cousins house to stay a few days.

In a previous post I told a story about my Aunt Sammie and how, as a kid, I loved going to her house in the country. She had dogs and cats, cows and chickens and plenty of land for a young girl to explore. But the thing I loved most about Aunt Sammie’s house was her boys, Rodney, Ikey and Jeffery.

I grew up an only child…no brothers…no sisters, and the boys didn’t have a sister so in the summer when I would come for a visit we fit together like peanut butter and jelly, like coke and peanuts, like cookies and milk…well, you get the idea. Those summers spent with them in the country are some of my fondest memories.

Time goes by. Things change. People grow up and move away…now fast forward a few years….um let’s say…35 years and that brings us to today. After a restful nights sleep I woke up at Ikey house to the smell of bacon and eggs. Ahhhh, I was home!

This is Ikey. He’s a little older than I…and our shirts clash…but other than that…we are a perfect pair!

We both LOVE to have fun and the first fun thing on the agenda was a bike ride.

We drove around the countryside a bit, went to the seminary to see uncle Mock and Aunt Sammie’s resting place…oh how I miss them. Then Ikey took me to the little country store for a special treat. Coke and peanuts!

Do you notice the charming touch on the counter? Just in case you need a nail or two to go with your Coke. LOVE IT 😉

This makes me a happy girl! If you’ve never had a bottle coke with a bag of salted peanuts poured in it…you haven’t lived! You’ve gotta try it just once.

Me…on the back of a motor cycle with a coke and peanuts in hand…I was created for this.

After the bike ride Ikey took me out in the pasture for a special treat…a chance to love on one of his sweet cows. He knows me well.

She was so sweet and loved to be scratched under her neck.

When we got back home Beth had prepared a wonderful country home cooked meal with fresh peas, cream corn, potatoe salad, ham and corn bread. It was delicious!

After dinner Rodney, the oldest brother, came by for a visit and he brought with him a treat for the kids. His Corvette.
Cassady’s thinking this is Gods will for her life.

He took everybody for a spin…a fast spin…reportadly upwards to 120 MPH…I’m not real sure about that or who I should I believe because the Byrd boys tend to say whatever will get me riled up. Needless to say, I didn’t know about the whole 120 MPH thing until it was all over and the kids came back in with a “oh dude that was so awesome” look on their face.

First Cassady.

Then Caleb and Walker.

I opted not to ride, but rather pose behind the wheel like I was the owner.

Day two of my vacation was just what the doctor ordered. Family, food, fun, laughter, reminiscing, and oh…did I mention love? Because I do love the Byrd boys! Stay tuned for Homeward bound day 3.

Thanks for reading! I love you more that coke and peanuts!