Patiently I had waited. And waited. And waited some more. Finally the time had come for me to head down south…where I’m from…where my roots are….where my family is…and most importantly…where the beach is.

The south. A place where moss hangs from the ancient oaks and a fire ant will bite the fool out of your toe. A place where people hug necks and say “hey y’all”. Where the air is so think you could carry it around in a bucket and a summer squall can leave as fast as it came. A place where they serve sweet tea and hot buttered biscuits with every meal, and where they have mastered the art of takin’ it easy and enjoying life. That’s where I’m from.

I had waited all summer…waited for the kids missions trips to be completed and waited for the beach house to have an opening…and now I wait no more. The kids (Caleb and Cassady) and I woke up early Tuesday morning and was on the road by 7:30. We had packed three weeks worth of clothes, plenty of blankets and pillows for napping in the car, two bags of snacks, two quart jars of freshly made chicken salad (one for eating and one for my friend Lynne) a gallon of sweet tea and an assortment of homemade jellies to give as gifts. Everything a good southern girl needs for a road trip to Gulf Shores Alabama, allowing for a few stops along the way to visit friends and family.

This is the way everything looked before we left. All neat and tidy. It didn’t stay this way for long though.

Our cooler full of healthy snacks for the 12 hour drive.

My two riding partners…I’m not sure who’s more excited. Me or them!

Breakfast of champions. Wild berry pop tarts. So much for healthy snacks.

Speaking of healthy snacks…who ever came up with this marketing strategy deserves a raise because it worked flawlessly…when I saw this…

…my brain told my stomach that I had to have some…so we pulled into the next Mc Donald’s and partook. And might I say…they were worth an extra dimple or two in my thighs.

If there’s one thing we did on this trip…it was have fun! We rode with the windows down (yes in the extreme heat) with the music blaring, ate what we wanted and stopped and peed as much as we wanted. And oh yeah…we laughed alot.

Sometimes we got silly.

Sometimes we got a tincy wincy bit crabby

But for the most part it was a great trip…no car trouble…no fights…and nobody got sick. I’d call that a success! Looking forward to next week when Devin and Kelsey can join us.

At 7:30 that evening, we pulled into our first stop along the way, the home of Ikey Byrd (my cousin) in the big metropolis of Bothwell, Mississippi. Come back tomorrow for more of Homeward Bound day 2.

Thanks for reading! I love you more than Grits!