On my way to meet Colton and Megan this morning I had to stop and pee (as usual). So I stopped at the “Worlds Largest Mc Donalds” or as I call it “The Worlds Nastiest Mc Donalds”. When I entered the bathroom there was a line. As I was standing there a MAN walked in and stood in line right behind me!! Well, needless to say, this freaked me out! I just stood there……….frozen…….while a MAN stood three inches away from in the WOMANS bathroom!! So I decided to take another look. Yep! It’s a man alright. No boobs and a pot belly, that’s a man right?

While I am standing there, I began to wonder, is there a urinal somewhere that I am missing? Am I the one who is in the wrong restroom? That can’t be right, there was a woman standing in line right in front of me. Then I thought, am I seeing things? Why is no one else alarmed that there is a MAN in the ladies restroom!!!

After I was finished and was washing my hands, I waited for him to come out of his stall. Yep! Still a man. This is freakin’ me out for sure. When I say no boobs I REALLY mean no boobs! And a pot belly!

So my opinion, for what ever it is worth, is if it looks like a man, sounds like a man and dresses like a man then they should go to the MENS restroom. You know, just to cut down on all the confusion and all!