For Christmas I bought the kids an ipod touch. We won’t let them take it to school with them, so every morning, they leave their I pods with Devin. He keeps them in his office on his desk. After school they walk across the street to Devins office, grab their I pods and start playing.

We don’t have high speed at our house……yes you heard me right….we have dial up! I know that’s archaic but it’s true, so when they have access to wireless Internet they take advantage of it and do as much downloading as possible.

The other day Caleb had a technical question about an app he wanted to download. He asked me about it and I had no idea what the answer was. He then went to the next best thing, his dad. Caleb said, “Dad, I want to download this app but I’m not sure it will work, can you see if you understand what this means?” Without even looking at it, Devin points to one of our pastors, pastor Barry, and says, “I don’t know anything about that stuff but you can ask the guru over there, he will know.” Caleb turned around to pastor Barry and said, “hey goober, can you help me with this app?” I shot a glance at Devin and began to laugh. With a big ol’ grin on his face Devin said, ” I said Guru not goober!

Ah kids……they just call ’em like they see ’em 🙂