I have a friend (who will remain nameless) who is VERY particular about her hair. She is picky about the color, the length, the style and most importantly…..the person she chooses to cut it! Lord knows she has been to every hair dresser in the greater metro area. If she sees a cute hair cut on a lady she will walk right up to her and ask “can I ask who cuts your hair?” then she will whip out her phone and  take a picture of her head! For days after, she will complain about how she hates her hair and threaten to “break up” with her current hairdresser so she can try this new one.

After the break, up she moves on to the next one and the cycle starts all over again. Two months later she moans, “I hate my hair!”

She is …….well………ahem………a hair whore! I know this is a strong word but if you think about it you will see that I am right. Moving from person to person with no regard for the last person she left standing in her dust! This is all in good fun od course. After all, she knows I love her and that I am as bad as she is!

Yesterday was a big day for my friend because she was trying out a new hairdresser. She couldn’t wait! It was like a first blind date! She was counting down the hours…… when all of a sudden……her phone rang. It was the hair dresser needing to cancel! On the other end of the phone the lady explained “I am so sorry, but can we reschedule? I have a rash!” My friend mumbled to herself, “I don’t care about your rash! Get some cream and then cut my hair for Pete sake!!!!” She didn’t say it but she sure thought it! Bless her heart.

A woman’s hair is a serious thing! Just think about it. We spend millions of dollars a year on hair products alone, not counting all of the tools you need. Straighteners, dryers, curlers, brushes, hair extensions and hair weaves, just to name a few, not to mention the headbands, clips, claws and pins. Oh!Don’t forget the “bump it”!

We have all had a”bad hair day”. You know the day when your hair takes on a life of its own, going in every wrong direction possible! How your hair looks or how you THINK your hair looks can make or break your day. So the next time you think about it, tell a friend (or a stranger) that her hair looks great and “Bless Her Heart!