Devin and I have been married for 25 wonderful years. As a matter of fact, this June 29th will make it 26 years! We have stuck together through thick and thin, took the ups with the downs and we took the good with the bad and the ugly! That’s what love and commitment are all about, right?

Tonight, we were all sitting in the living room after dinner watching a little T.V. when Cassady thought she would ask a question and try to stir up a little trouble. Now let me just say right here that she has more information stored in that pretty little head of hers than the average person. She can remember birth dates, anniversaries, addresses, phone numbers and specific events from months ago…..I can’t even remember what I wore to church last week…but she can remember what I wore! So when she asked her dad this question, I knew she was lookin’ for a button to push!

As Devin was relaxing in his leather throne with the pop up foot rest, Cassady asked, “dad, how long have you and mom been married? (she knows the answer to this) ” He paused for a minute which made my ears perk up to listen for his answer, hoping he wouldn’t get this wrong, because if he did, Cassady would sting him with the RIGHT answer. After his short pause he said, with all the spunk he could muster, “25 years!!”

As soon as those words came out of his mouth she said, “you mean you and mom have been married for 25 years and you didn’t do anything big? I can’t believe you didn’t take her on a trip or do something special to celebrate! If I was her husband I would have bought her five dozen roses or something! You didn’t even get each other a gift or anything?”

By now I had stopped what I was doing so I could witness this conversation first hand, what I really wanted to here was how he was gonna work his way out of this one! As soon as she finished with her little rant he said, “yeah we got each other something. I had a kidney stone removed and she had a hysterectomy, those are two pretty expensive gifts!”

I just stood there in silence, stunned at his stupid answer (true but stupid just the same). Cassady rolled her eyes as he smiled with satisfaction at his clever reply. Ooooo…that man! Gotta love ’em!

I Wonder what he’ll have removed this year for our anniversary? 😉