After a long day of being “all things to all people”(at least that’s what it felt like) I had finally earned a few minutes of rest and relaxation. When I walked over to the couch ,I saw that a hole had worked its way in to one of the cushions so I did what any self-respecting woman would do. I turned it over to hide it! When I did that, I saw that there was another hole on the other side too! After a little investigating I quickly realized that out of the 4 cushions, three of them had worn spots…..or holes…..I’m not sure what sounds better, worn spots or holes? OK, lets just go with holes cause that’s what they were!

We are a big ol’ family……a country family……..a rough family…….and a big ol’, rough, country family can be really rough on furniture. As a result I decided that I would go shopping for  some new living room furniture. If you will take note,  the word “I” was used here when referring to the person that had the idea of buying furniture and who would be shopping for the furniture. ME! I was able to save some money (weird I know) for new furniture, so now I was ready to spend it (there goes that word “I” again……can you see a trend?).

A few days later I went into our local mega furniture store to take a look around. An older gentleman by the name of Donnie showed me around the showroom floor and answered all of my questions. By the time I was done, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted and how much I would need to spend.

Still using the word “I”.

When I got home I began to tell Devin what my plans were about new furniture and how much it would cost. I also told him that I had saved up some money to pay for it. He immediately began to tell me how much we needed to spend and not spend…..wait a minute…..did you catch that? He said “we”. There is no “we” I said, “this is all me!” ………This could get ugly.

[ a week goes by]

I was feeling a little guilty about shutting Devin out of the furniture buying process so I decided that we should BOTH go and look at what I had found,  so he would think that he was apart of the whole thing. When we walked in I immediately asked for Donnie, remember the older gentleman who helped me last time? When Donnie rounded the corner and spotted Devin he was all over us like white on rice. The sales pitch was on! The great prices, the wonderful quality, the 5 year warranty. He was doing a real song and dance on Devin, trying to persuade him to buy the more expensive, high quality furniture rather than the cheaper version. As I watched the man, giving Devin his speach and watched Devin NOT listen, I wanted to call a time out but instead I just stood there and watched. I thought to myself, bless his heart…..he don’t know that what he is saying to Devin is going in one ear and out the other. Bless his heart……..he don’t know that he is trying to sell furniture to the worlds tightest man. Bless his heart…..he thinks he is gonna make a sale tonight! Poor guy!

An hour and a half later, I had made up my mind to go with the more expensive leather sofa with the matching chair and I had picked out some game room furniture too. Donnie had done a fantastic job! And Devin……well…..bless his heart, he just didn’t know! 😉