The next few weeks at CBC were great. I enrolled in my classes, found my way around campus and added daily to my list of new friends. The joke on campus (and off) was that CBC didn’t stand for Central Bible College…it stood for Central Bridal College. Well, I may not have known a whole lot…but one thing was for sure…I was NOT there to find a husband. As a matter of fact, that was the last thing on my mind! I had been in a few pretty serious relationships before and I was not looking to jump into another one! Besides, my goal was to do God’s perfect will. I guess if God wanted me to meet Mr.Wonderful, I would, but up to this point I saw nothing that caught my eye.

I was adapting nicely to my daily routine. Up at 6:00, juggle the bathroom space with Ginger and our two suite mates, then off to my 7:30 class, then two more classes before we all assembled to the daily chapel service. After chapel was one more class, then lunch….my social time ;-). Each day was much like the next with each one being better than the last. After months of uncertainty, I now knew I was where I was supposed to be and it felt good.

Over the next few months I met lots of new people and developed a few lasting friendships…both male and female. There was one boy in particular from Oklahoma that I became very close to. His name was Scott but I called him Scotty. He was fun, outgoing and never meet a stranger…much like myself. Through him, I met three other Oklahoma boys from the same hometown, Brad, Doug and a boy named Devin. I didn’t know the other two….but that third one….I remembered him from my first day at school. I wasn’t particularly impressed then, nor was I impress now. He was quiet and he didn’t smile or laugh…who was this guy anyway? He was like Koligia the wooden Indian…he just sort of stood there with no emotion.

As time rocked on, my relationship with Scotty and the rest of the Oklahoma boys grew. They were like the big brothers I never had…and I loved it. We laughed and picked at each other, we ate lunch together and even went as a group to watch movies at Evangel. But still, even though Devin was one of the Oklahoma boys, I still didn’t know him. He was dark and deep, and clearly needed no one…I was puzzled by the guy to say the least and was determined to see if I could crack that rough exterior.

A few weeks later I noticed that Devin was not around much. I hadn’t seen him at lunch or walking to class with the rest of the guys. I asked about him on a couple of occasions but no one seemed to know where he was or what he was doing…once again…he puzzled me. Finally, after about a week of elusiveness, I spotted him walking across campus. I quickly made my way over to him and said, “well, hello stranger, where have you been for the last five days?”

He looked at me like I had four heads. I have to admit, I was a little intimidated by him and was always wondering what he must be thinking. I wondered if maybe my happy, bubbly, glass is always half full, attitude was like nails on a chalk board to him. I felt like he didn’t like me at all.

With no emotion he said, “I’ve been working on my Acts paper.” “For five days?” I asked, “wow, that must be a pretty big paper!” “it is”, he said, “and it’s due tomorrow”. “oh”, I replied, “well, I’ve just been missing you and wondered where you’d been” When I said that last statement, he looked at me like I was an annoying little twit and said, “yeah right…whatever” I was stunned by his response and a little confused. While trying to keep pace with him as he walked down the sidewalk I convincingly replied, “really, I missed seeing you around and had been asking the guys if you were ok.” He shot me a dismissing glance and said, “we’ll, I’m fine” and kept right on walking leaving me behind.

What a Jerk! I thought to myself. The first time I meet this guy I thought he was just rude…now I knew he’s just a big fat jerk who is mad at the world! I walked away that day a little ticked off and more confused and puzzled than ever. He was a hard nut to crack for sure…but why? Why didn’t he believe me? Why was he so rude? And why did I even care? To be continued…