This is Earl.

I am fascinated by him.

I am in love with him.

I mean…who couldn’t love that face!

This is his gang.

They love him too.

Not only is Earl a stud and extremely pleasing to the eye, he is also quite the Romeo…and with fourteen women to woo….that’s a full time job! He loves his ladies and takes very good care of them. Every day I go over and let them out of the yard to roam around and hunt for goodies. At first I was a little nervous to let them roam on their own, fearful that some form of preditor might snatch them up. After a few days of keeping a close eye on them, I soon realized they were in good hands as long as Earl was around. He takes good care of them…if they venture too far off, he calls them back. If some of the girls get in a squabble he quickly runs over to break it up. If ANYTING alarms him, like the screech of a hawk or movement in the bushes, he sounds off the alarm and they immediatly run for cover . It’s amazing how they listen to him. They don’t worry about what could be lurking in the brush because they know Earl the Pearl has got their back.

For me, one of the most fascinating things Earl does is something called “tidbitting”. What is tidbitting you ask? Don’t worry…I didn’t know either. Mr.Wonderful had to tell me (he knows everything). Tidbitting is a little song and dance he does to let the ladies know that he has some food for them. It goes something like this:

Earl and the gang are outside enjoying all of the goodies the good earth has to offer like bugs, worms and grass. Everybody is doing their own thing, finding their own food, when all of a sudden Earl begans to make a deep, gravely, clucking sound alerting the girls that he has a treat for them. Then he will pickup whatever food he has found and the drop it on the ground for all to see. He does this over and over…pick it up and then drop it…pick up and drop…showing them that he has something special and he is willing to share! As soon as the hens recognize this distinct “food call” they all make a mad dash to see what gourmet delight he has found. Once they scurry over, to see what the big deal is, he will majestically and sacrificially move out of the way and let the lucky girl have his delicious morsal. It is on a first come first serve basis so there is alot of running and cackling going on. He loves all of the fuss in his honor.

The funniest part of this whole thing is sometimes, when he makes the “food call” and the girls run over to him….upon arriving, they realize that it’s some sort of cruel joke…that there is no food…they’ve been set up…then once they get within reach….he makes his move! A real Romeo, he is. Not unlike his human counterpart who uses the ol’ “will you check me for ticks” move. Sometimes there is a legitimate tick problem but every once in a while…there is no tick 😉 Smooth…

Ahhhh roosters…both kinds….just can’t help but love em’

Thanks for reading! I love you more than chunky peanut butter!