I started this morning much like I do every morning. I peel myself outta bed, stumble to the bathroom to pee, then I go and step onto the scales (I can’t help it, I have done this for years). If I don’t like what I see then I step off and move it to another part of the bathroom. You never know……… maybe the tile where the scale was sitting wasn’t level! If the scale is unlevel the reading will not be accurate (you should know this). So I moved it! Still, I did not like what I saw so I decided to take it to a different part of the house. That did it!!! I was now three lbs. smaller than I was just five minutes ago! This is the best weight loss plan ever! It should have its own infomercial. The “tilt-a-scale diet”. Lose weight in minutes without dieting or exercise! What do ya think?

These days if Americans don’t like something they just change it. Look at Joan Rivers. Clearly, she didn’t like her face so she just changed it. Now her eyes are where her ears used to be and her lips like two ball park franks! You know the kind that plump when you cook ’em? She looks like a hoot owl roostin’ in a forty mile an hour wind!!!  Michael Jackson didn’t like ANYTHING about himself so he changed EVERYTHING! Bless his heart.

We change careers to get ahead. We change cars so that we look  cooler. We change the school that our kids go to and the neighborhood we live in. We even change who we are married to! If we are behind a slow poke on the highway then we change lanes. If we have a flat tire then we change it. If we can’t see at the movies then we change seats. If we start to put on weight then we change our eating habits. If we don’t like the color of our hair, we change it. If our feet hurt , we change shoes. And every twelve months we change phones (just to keep up). If we don’t like the plummin’  that we were born with…..well……we can change that too (ouch!)

We change our tweet, we change our status, we change our minds and we change our friends. And, as women, we go thru “THE” change against our will!!!

But what about our heart?……………….. Have you ever changed your heart? No, we don’t actually take out our heart and then put in a new one. We are called to give our heart to Jesus Christ and HE will make it new. Ezekiel 36:26 reads, I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my spirit in you. Wow! Not only will He change your heart, He will guard it for you, Phil. 4;6-7.

If you have never considered changing you heart, please consider it now. It is much easier than changing a tire or a career and this change has a lifetime warranty! Love to all!