In our family, we love to watch nature shows. Since we don’t have cable, sometimes we rent them from Net Flix. Planet Earth is one of our favorites. This documentary about our planet is as beautiful as it is fascinating!

One of the many discs we watched had a segment that featured a certain kind of deer…what they eat….. how they mate and when they migrate. After the segment was over Caleb asked his dad a very serious question. He said, “Dad, do deer have relationships?” “No” Devin said. Caleb pondered for a minute and questioned him again, “so they don’t stay together after they mate?” “Nope” he said, they don’t have relationships.” Without missing a beat Caleb said, “so they’re like the people in New York, they just do it and go on to find another one?”

Devin and I must have laughed for five minutes!

Ahhh, out of the mouth of babes.