I thought of something funny that happened a few months ago and thought it was worth sharing.

Back in the Spring I got the crazy idea that we should clean out the playroom. I mean REALLY clean. Everything had been shut up all winter and could really use some “airing out”. So Caleb, Cassady and I rolled up our sleeves and went to work. We put big blankets out in the yard so that the bean bags could enjoy the nice breeze and air out. The bean bags are huge so Cassady and Caleb worked together to get them out the door. Next was the futon! (I told you we REALLY cleaned) For those of you who may not know, a futon mattress is very heavy and extremely awkward to pick up, but, never the less, it HAD to be cleaned! The three of us tried one time, two times and then a third time with no success. It would just fold up and slip right out of our hands, plopping back down on the floor. It was very frustrating , we were ALL frustrated.  I finally said “lets just wait until dad gets home, he will help us. “Right after I said that, Caleb mumbled a sentence that ended in the word “that”.

Now here is where things start to get ugly. When Cassady heard the word “that” she thought he said “fat”. She immediatle clenched her fists and said,”did you just call me fat?” Poor Caleb had fear in his eyes. He stuttered out, “no, ‘I said I can do that'”. “No you didn’t” she said, “you just said I was fat!” With that said, she pushed us aside, bent over, picked up the futon cushion, like she was the Incredible Hulk or something and threw it over her shoulder like it was a pillow! She took it outside, threw it on the blanket and stormed back into the house! Caleb and I couldn’t believe our eyes! She’s a beast!

After things had cooled down a bit Caleb, pulled me over to the side and said, “mom, do you want me to make her mad again so we can get it back inside the house?” The lesson from all of this is you should NEVER call a girl fat, especially that one!