13 1/2 years ago we were blessed with the birth of Cassady. If you have read any of my stories, you’ve probably figured out that she is……..well……..um……..spirited, feisty, bold, opinionated, a spit fire and hot-headed just to name a few (oh, and funny, very funny!).

We decided to put her and her brother into our church’s christian school this year. With Devin being one of the pastors and his office just right across the street we thought this might help curb any behavior problems. ( this theory has yet to be proven) She does NOT want her dad to be called to the school for sure!!!

Today she was standing in front of the board in one of her classes when a boy  (who will remain nameless) said, “Cassady would you move out of the way you are blocking the entire board!” (this could get ugly) With that said, she responded with “Thanks alot retard, you just called me fat!”. He said, “I didn’t call you fat, your just well fed! (bless his heart he don’t know) Does this boy have a death wish or what! This poor boy needs to rethink his choice of words, oops, too late! Cassady turns around with fire in her eyes and says “what did you just say to me? Well fed?Well, you’re an idiot and you better  shut your mouth before I climb over these desks and slap your stupid face off!” (OUCH!) The boy sat there with singed eye brows and his mouth hung open (and possible browned shorts).He looked at the boy beside him with a “what just happened” look, and said, “All I said is that she is well fed”. The young man next to him said “boy you ARE stupid, don’t ever say anything about a girls weight!” Poor guy just had to learn a hard lesson in front of his peers and Cassady was all too willing to help!

One thing about it, you never have to wonder what she is thinking or where she stands!

Later that day she was in the office  having a talk with the principle. He asked her if she got her temper from her mom or her dad (this is a trick question, I object!). She said, “will my answer ever leave the office?”……….I won’t tell you what her answer was. Let’s just say, she has my spirit!