As a tradition,all of my kids gather around the kitchen table, the day after Thanksgiving, and write down their Christmas list, at my request. The rules are, write down anything and everything you can think of and then I will pick and choose what I think they need and what I can afford. Devin knows this is an exciting time for the kids and he sees how much fun it is for them to make out their list….he also knows that I’m like a kid at Christmas time too so he asked me real loud and dramatic for everyone to hear, “well Mom, are you gonna make out your Christmas list too? Santa needs to know what you want this year for Christmas also!”

Typically, when asked this question, I dont have to ponder about it for days or even think about it…..I’m a girl who knows what I want! This year was no different. It slid off my tongue like turpentine! “I want some Ugg boots, a Louis Vuitton bag (not gonna happen) and a new Michael Kors purse”, I said matter of factly. I could tell that my words landed on thorny ground (Luke 8:7) and were quickly taken over by more important things….I totally expected this, so I was ready to help him remember!

One night, a few weeks later he asked me again! As if I had never told him anything! “Hey, I need to know what you want for Christmas”, he said. Once again, I gave him my list. I even looked up the things I wanted and sent him pictures, sizes, colors and the websites to go to. Pretty easy right? One would think.

I sent him a picture of the Louis Vuitton bag I wanted along with the name of the website, he told me to go ahead and order it for Christmas (this is a very long and irritating story that will need to be told in a post all it’s own once the problem is resolved.) while I was at it I sent him one of the Ugg boots I wanted also, color, style and size, hoping this would help.

It did not.

Eight days before Christmas Devin came into the kitchen where I was cooking and said, “ok, I’m going shopping tomorrow so…tell me about these hugs you’re wanting.”

Oh my gosh!

Did you hear that?


Please tell me he’s not serious!

“They’re not called hugs ya weirdo!” I said, ” they’re call Uggs! Please do NOT go into Dillards and ask for hugs because they’ll laugh you out of the store! ” “oh well”, he said, “if I go to Atwoods (a farm supply store) and ask for hugs I’m sure they’ll know what I’m talking about”. “Atwoods will have NO idea what you’re talking about!”, I said with a raised voice, “you’ll need to go to the mall because it’s too late to order them now….didn’t you get my email about the boots?” “…….um….I don’t remember if I did or not.” he said.

I just give up.

Fast forward to Christmas eve… was PERFECT! Everybody gathered in the living room after dinner for the annual passing out of the gifts by me…Mrs. Clause. Everybody got what they wanted and more….even me! I didn’t get the Uggs but I did get the money to go and
buy some. I also got a surprise gift from Santa. Chickens! Yep, that’s right, I have been asking for chicken for years! Devin would never agree to build me a coop and then he would precede to give me the 35 reasons why we don’t need chickens…but his words fell on thorny ground;-) Anyway, this spring he promises to build me a coop and buy me some chickens! I can’t wait!

A few days after Christmas we walked our propery and discussed where the best place was going to be for my new chicken coop. As we were walking Devin looked down and said, “your boots look just like mine….you want to be just like me dont ya?” He just laughed and laughed, he thought that was so funny! “our boots are not alike, mine are Uggs and yours are work boots! Where did you get those anyway?, I asked.

“Atwood’s!, he said, with a grin on his face.

Later that night I saw our boots sitting side by side….dear lord! They do look alike! I just can’t win!

He then asked, “whatcha gonna do when you get con-yak on those hug boots?” “What is con-yak?” I asked. It’s the white stuff on chicken poop”, he said with a gleam in his eye. He thinks he’s so funny!

We had a wonderful Christmas. Hope yours was wonderful too! I’ll be posting more about my chicken adventure come spring. In the mean time I’ll be enjoying my HUGGS 😉