On December 24, when Mr. Wonderful told me that I would be getting chickens in the spring, I couldn’t have imagined how much work it would take just so we could have a few birds clucking around in the yard!

Our first chicken coop day consisted of cleaning out an old shed and sifting through all the old junk (along with a few treasures) in order to make way for the nesting boxes and roost. (If you would like to read about that day, check out the post, Chicken Coop Day #1). After that first full day of hard work, I quickly realized that this would require many, many more chicken coop days before my dream of chickens would come to pass.

Years ago, after cleaning up a new home construction site, Devin gathered, loaded and then unloaded a huge truck load of heavy rocks on our property for us to use at a later date for our landscaping. Over the years we put quite a dent in that mountain of rocks, but there was still many more left behind. Fast forward a few years, the old rock pile is now full of weeds and grass, so much so, that it is barely recognizable …it just looked like a mountain of dead weeds. Well, guess where that grown up rock pile is? You guessed it, right smack dab in the middle of the future chicken yard.

Devin woke us all up on the scheduled work day and briefed us on the job ahead. When we heard that the dreaded rock pile had to be moved from point “A” to point “B”, there was a collective sigh because we knew the back breaking work that lay ahead.

With work boots on our feet and work gloves on our hands we began to move the rocks, one by one, piece by piece, separating them along the way into two very neat and very irritating piles, the big rocks in one pile (to use later…not gonna happen) and the little, frustrating useless rocks in another pile.

One at a time, we put the rocks into the bucket of a front end loader of the tractor. When it was finally full enough to suit Devin, he would then take them to a place by the old pig pin to make another pile….I’m sure, three years from now we’ll decide to get pigs and have to move the rocks… yet again 😉

After about two hours of this monotonous, back braking work, the pristine attitudes of my children began to take a turn for the worse. My once jovial, eager, hard working children had now reduced themselves to, little no-neck name calling monsters.

As responsible parents, we do not allow any foul language in our home. None. By foul, I mean curse words, questionable slang or mean spirited name calling….well….they decided to push the limits! After Cassady nearly grazed Caleb’s head with a large rock while throwing it in the front end loader, and Caleb bossing Cassady around….telling her to move out of the way if she wasn’t going to work… I began to hear verbage like…

“Tail hole”

“butt face”


And “stupid idiot”

Needless to say, we had a little come-to-Jesus meeting out by the rock pile that day…coupled along with a major attitude adjustment. After that mild set back….when the day was done….we were one step closer to a finished chicken coop and I was one step closer to seeing my dream of chickens come true.