In my last post I told you about my life long dream of having chickens. This is something I have wanted for years but was always turned down flat by Mr. Wonderful….until Christmas. He surprised me on Christmas eve with a book about raising chickens and a promise that we would be getting chickens in the spring. He knew nothing would please me more.

Unfortunately, many things need to take place before we can have chickens. First and foremost, a primary caregiver must be established. I just assumed, when it’s pretty outside, I would go out to feed and water the chickens. Then on the really cold or wet days, Mr. wonderful would step in…..I mean….that IS why I call him Mr. Wonderful, right?


As we were walking across the property one afternoon to get started on chicken coop day #1, Devin said, “ok, the first thing we need to establish is, who’s gonna take care of these chickens?” I paused for a moment to think about his question, before I could even process the question and open my mouth to answer, he chuckled and said, “I know the answer to this”, When I turned to look at him, all I could see was his big, hairy, obnoxious finger pointing at me right between the eyes… was backed up by a big grin. “You are”, he said, “these are YOUR chickens and YOU are gonna be the one to take care of them.

Once the “chicken master” had been established, it was time to determine the best place for the coop. After much discussion and a little disagreement….or was it little discussion and much disagreement? Anyway, we finally agreed on an old, pre existing shed over at grannies place.

The shed is probably 65-70 years old and full of stuff, mostly junk but as they say, one man’s junk is another mans treasure.

Walking in to this little shack was like stepping back in time. It was full of old jars and bottles…

And chain. Lots of chain.

Every style, size and length you can imagine. All organized according to size and length…each in their own tin can. So, if any of you are in need of six inches of big, tractor pullin’ chain, I can probably hook you up.

Nuts and bolts anyone? We’ve got plenty.

Here’s something interesting. We found an old bottle of wine hidden between two canvas tarps….who ever hid it there did a pretty good job….from the looks of things, it had been there for a long time.

Here’s a picture of Molly’s old collar. Molly was Devin’s prize winning coon dog. He sold her (along with his truck) to buy my wedding ring set. I knew nothing of this until much later in our marriage….what a sacrifice….he truly is wonderful!

My favorite find though, had to be this small bottle of sand I found sitting on a shelf. When I picked it up and shook the sand around, a small piece of paper was revealed inside. The curiosity was killing me so I opened it up and fished the little piece of paper out.</

It read, sand from the Atlantic Beach. I could just imagine one of the boys, grateful to be back on American soil, after being away at war, filling a jar full of sand to bring back to his Momma.

I took my new found treasures home, with hopes of finding a new purpose for them. When it was all said and done, I would say that chicken coop day #1 was a huge success. The old shed is cleaned out and ready for chickens.

Wonder what’s next on the list? I’ll keep you posted!