With four kids, I had to get creative on how to solve the problem of who sits in the front seat of the car, so it was decided many years ago that the girls would sit in the front on even days and the boys on the odd days. Today is the 21st which is an odd day so that meant that it was Caleb’s day……it’s a big deal….I don’t know why….it just is! Anyway, when Caleb is the the front seat he usually has something meaningful or serious to talk about….or deep…sometimes so deep it hurts my brain. Today he did not disappoint.

While driving home from some shopping in Tulsa, Caleb said, “mom, Mr. Moyer gave us an assignment in english class, he told us we had to choose a quote that best describes us and write it down.” He went on to tell me how hard it was and how he struggled to come up with the perfect quote. He said, “I just kept thinking and thinking. The only quote I could come up with was ‘catch this and paint it green’ ”

Ok. Seriously? Catch this and paint it green? Is this all he has? Bless his heart, can you tell what kind of entertainment we have in our home?

Then he said, “I didn’t like that one though because it doesn’t really describe me.” (I beg to differ) Then, in true Caleb style he got real serious and said, ” I decided to make up my own quote. I thought of the perfect quote that describes me and what I believe.” Then he said something so profound, he said, “pray on it, dont sleep on it!”

Yep, that pretty much sums it up. Out of the mouth of babes. I think this is one we could all live by!