For those of you who may not know, I have four children. Two of which are girls. If you have girls then you probably already know that sometimes girls “bicker” or in this case “fight”. The other day a little incident took place in my kitchen because of something that Cassady (the youngest daughter) did to Kelsey (the oldest daughter). Let me explain.

Kelsey, like most women, can be a little sensitive sometimes about a certain part of her body (her behind). Cassady knows this. Cassady is also a professional button pusher! So, what does she do? Every time she walked past Kelsey she would poke her in the behind (precious). Kelsey would then threaten her. Cassady would walk off with a smile on her face.This harassment rocked on for weeks, and for weeks I listened to Kelsey’s threats of murder……Cassady continued of course.

One day while I was in the kitchen cooking, Cassady walked by and popped Kelsey on the behind! Kelsey calmly turned around, looked at me and said “You better tell your daughter that if she touches……..pokes……..slaps………rubs or pats my behind ONE more time I am gonna pound her into the ground!!” I could tell by her tone and demeanor that she was done! And I couldn’t blame her one bit. So I gave permission to execute! Then I turned to Cassady and said “If you touch…..poke…..slap…..rub or hit you sisters behind ONE more time I have given her permission to knock your head off!!! You have been warned!” (just a little bluff) After I was done Kelsey walked over to Cassady and calmly said “one more time and you are going down.” I could tell that Cassady was not scared in the least……..she stood there for a second….stared her down……gave her the three snaps in the “Z” formation and said “bring it on Latifa!” and walked away! Unbelievable! One last dig without laying a finger on her, gotta love it!