If you have ever built a home before, you know it can be a very trying and nerve racking experience. Even if everything goes relatively smooth it can still be an exhausting task.

When Devin and I finally decided that we would build our home, instead of buying an existing home, we spent many hours discussing our options and finally agreeing on what we wanted our home to look and feel like. One thing I wanted for sure, was a long front porch with brick steps leading up to the front door. There had been many wants and desires along the way that had to be thrown out due to budget cuts, but my brick steps were NOT one of them….they were a must.

Week after week and month after month, we watch our dream home grow until finally we could see the end in sight. It was finally all coming together!

One of the last things built was the front porch. Once Devin was finished building it, he had a brick mason come and brick the skirt around the front of the house and then….finally….he would build my front steps! As the brick mason was finishing up the skirt one afternoon, he voiced his concern to Devin that there might not be enough bricks to build the steps like I wanted. If that was the case, he would need Devin to order another flat of bricks. When Devin was telling me about this potential problem, he ended the conversation with, “you better start praying that there are enough bricks for your steps because I’m not ordering another flat if we run out… they are just too expensive and it’s not in the budget. (I really hate the “B” word!)

I couldn’t believe my ears! Not enough bricks? Are you kidding me?? I prayed every day, that somehow, miraculously, there would be enough bricks. I made sure I was there on the day the brick mason finished working in the skirt. When he had laid his last brick I said, “well, do you think we will have enough to build my front steps?” He stood there for a minute and pondered, “I think so”, he said, “but just barely though, it will be real close.” I didn’t care how close it was! I didn’t care if he had to make the bricks himself out of mud and straw like the children of Isreal! All I knew was, I wanted my steps and by golly I was gonna get ’em!

When the mason was finished with the skirt he left the remaining bricks for the steps, all lined up in a row, in the front yard (I don’t know why), he told Devin he would be back in a few days to build my steps, and he drove away.

The next day, Devin and I, along with our four kids were at the house. I was doing some cleaning and Devin was building something while the kids ran around and played. Colton was 13 at the time, Kelsey was 11, Cassady was 5 and Caleb was 3.

During the course of the afternoon, while I was cleaning, I could here Devin hammering on something and I could here the kids playing outside, all was well, so I thought. As I continued to clean and Devin continued to hammer, suddenly everything got deathly quiet. Then I heard Devin yell my name. I hollered back at him and asked what he needed. “you need to come here”, he said. I put my broom down and made my way through the rooms and out to the front porch.

I could not believe my eyes! I couldn’t make up a story like this if I wanted too! Unbelievable! There stood Cassady, with that cute little pig tail sticking straight up on top of her head and a hammer in her hand.

At her feet, were my bricks, every one of them….busted!

All of the hammering I had been hearing was not Devin at all! It was Cassady! She broke every last brick we had left! I didn’t know if I wanted to cry or run away…or both! There are no words to describe how I felt at that moment. But, life must go on.

Months later, we are now living in our beautiful, new dream home, with our fancy cinder block steps. Yep, that’s right. I didn’t get my steps after all…not for a while anyway. Months later, I went to another house that Devin had built for a friend and asked if they had any left over brick, and they did! One by one, I loaded the brick onto the back of the truck and took them home.

Now I had to get the brick mason to come back and finish his job…easier said than done. After multiple phone calls and attempts to get him to my house, I finally tracked him down at a nearby job sight. I walked around the back of the house and there he was, on a ladder. He looked down at me and said, “can I help you ma’am?” I took off my sunshades and said, “yes you can, do you remember me? You’re supposed to come build my steps, remember?” He looked at me sheepishly and said, “yes ma’am, but I’m real busy for the next three weeks, so… it will be a while before I can get to them.” I look up at him and said, “well, I’m having a baby shower at my house in three days and I’m not moving from this spot until you can promise me that you will be at my house bright and early tomorrow morning!” He paused, thought for a minute and said, “ok, I’ll be there.” (what choice did he have, cause I was getting ready to make a scene and he knew it)

Devin said, “well if he shows up here in the morning, I’ll eat my hat!” (oh ye of little faith!)

Sure enough, bright and early, he was there to build my steps! Devin was shocked that I managed to get him to come back after all this time…but…where there’s a will there’s a way.

I had the will and I got my way!

Cassady, by the way, is now 14, and doesn’t remember any of this, but I do! She is never allowed to hold a hammer again as long as she lives in my house ;-).