In my last post I told you about my first day of boot camp and how unbelievably sore and slow I was the next day…and that next day was a busy day preparing a brisket dinner for 250. At the end of that post I told you to stay tuned for an update on the dinner and an update on my sore muscles. This post is just that…a quick update of the wedding dinner and my pitiful, sore body.

I woke up early the next morning ready to conquer the day and 18 briskets. Actually while I was still wallowing around in my bed, Mr. Wonderful and a good friend named Bill Herringand his wife Dana (who is my best friend), was feavorishly cutting all 18 briskets for me…you know why? Because I was too sore to move! Not really, Mr.Wonderful always cuts the brisket for me…that’s why he’s wonderful!

Fast forward a few hours, after all the food prep was finished, it was now time to load all the food into the vehicle and make our way to the venue. That may sound like a small task but when you’re moving cooked food for 250 to anywhere…its no small task!

And YES I was stiil extremely sore and a little slow.

As soon as we arrived at the venue, so did all of my workers. We immediately went to work, unloading food, putting it in warmers, creating drink stations and serving lines and making sure every detail was taken care of.

While my helpers were doing various jobs, I went to the back of the building, to the kitchen to check on the food. As I stepped through the threshold, unbeknowenced to me, there was a two inch drop going from one part of the room to the other, and as I stepped through that doorway I somehow tripped and busted it! Wide open! Face first. Landing on my left arm. My first thought was…oh no, my arm…I think I’ve hurt my arm. My second thought was, i cant have a hurt arm…i have a wedding! Of course there was no one there to help my poor, sore and now injured body up off the floor so I very ungracefully pulled myself up and made my way to my mother.

It doesn’t matter how old you are…you always need your mother 😉

One person got me a chair, another got me some ice and then I called Mr. wonderful and told him what happened. I went home to take some pain medicine and put on an old arm brace that was for one of the kids and went back to work. I had no idea if it was broken…all I knew was that it hurt like the dickens and I couldn’t move it. But, as they say, the show must go on.

This was my crew of helpers for the night. They were so wonderful. They all jumped right in and did everything that needed to be done while I sat in a chair and barked off orders.

When I was all said and done, the food was great, the wedding was beautiful, my helpers were top notch, my body was still sore and my arm was killing me. An all around success.

Three days later…

My arm is still swollen

It still hurts

It’s still in a brace

I still can’t use it

Dr. Says it doesn’t look broken

I’m not sure I believe him

And believe it or not, I am STILL sore!

And it looks like my boot camp days are on hold…I just hate that 😉