Today was a very busy, non stop, meeting myself coming and going kind of day…but before I get into what I did today, I’ll tell you what I did yestday.

BOOT CAMP! That’s right. This ol’ girl who hasn’t exercised at all, since I was 15, decided to humiliate myself in front of an audience of young buff women (and one man). I knew I was in trouble when the first thing the instructor said was, “ok, let’s start with a quick run.”

Would you like to know when the last time I ran was? 8th grade! That’s right, middle school.

When he said, “lets run”, some of the girls clapped, a few did a celebratory fist pump and one said, “yessss”. Suck ups. I didn’t want to be the only one not running….so….I ran. I almost killed over but I did it!

After the run…it was all down hill from there. There were lunges and some scissor things and some jumping star things and some stair something or other. I don’t remember their names, I just remembers that they kicked my butt!

After that, we did some bunny hops. Doesn’t that sound innocent? And easy? I thought so too…well I would be WRONG. They are not cute, innocent or easy and I looked like a card carrying idiot trying to do it because, by the time it was bunny hoppin’ time my legs felt like two half filled water balloons….you know the kind you make balloon animals out of? Yeah those…they were mush. So my bunny hops looked more like a bunny skip with only one leg working. It was awful!

As if that wasn’t humiliating enough…they pulled out the mats. We all laid out on mats in the middle of the the parking lot…I kinda wollared on mine because I was too tired to move. We (they) did leg lifts, crunches, sit ups and planks. Needless to say I was whipped!

Even though it was a grulling workout and I almost died on that parking lot, I would like to give a special thanks to all the girls that encouraged me and cheered me on…they made it worth it.

Now that you know what I did yesterday…then you’ll understand what I mean when I tell you how sore I am today. REALLY SORE! The hardest thing being….sitting on the toilet. I just kinda fell to the toilet and then held my breath and gritted my teeth getting back up again.

When I woke up this morning I had to hit the ground running. I have a very large wedding this weekend and alot of work to do in preparation…and I was sore…and slow.

I had to prepare and cook 125 pounds of Brisket. Make 21 recipes of cheesy potatoes and two cases of green beans. Before I could cook though I had to make a run to SAMs. The grocery list (in part)

25 pounds of sour cream
20 pounds of shredded cheese
45 pounds of hash browns
12 no. 10 cans of green beans
24 dozen rolls
And of course 125 pounds of beef brisket

I did all of the shopping this morning…and I was sore…and slow.

After the shopping it was time to prepare the meat. This is about half of the meat before it was wrapped and ready to bake.

Now it’s ready for the oven! I did this while…still sore and still slow.

For the next six hours, while the brisket baked, my Mom, my daughter Kelsey, my friend Dana and I prepared the rest of the meal. And yes I was still very sore and very slow.

Tomorrow will be another big day. A long day. A full day. A wedding day for 250 people.

I wonder…will I still be sore? And slow? Will I go back to boot camp?

Stay tuned.