As stated in an earlier post, on the very first day I received my chickens, one of my Dominicker babies was strategically and systematically plucked from the sky by a mean ol’ chicken hawk.

I was devastated when I walked over to the chicken yard to find a dead baby laying by the fence. I saw the hawk fly out of the yard but he dropped the baby before as he flew away.

I was so upset!

The first day and one was already gone.

When Devin heard the news, he was pretty upset too….but for a completely different reason. While I was upset because I lost one of my babies, he was upset because he just lost an $11.00 chicken…on the very first day! “I knew this would happen”, he said, “I just didn’t think it would be the first day. If not a hawk it will be a coyote, fox, or some other critter, that’s just what happens to chickens.”

For the next week I worried there would be another chicken casualty. Every time I walked over to the chicken yard I’d see that ol’ hawk up in a tree justa waitin’ to swoop down and grab some lunch. After a week of near misses, Devin decided we needed to put up netting over part of the chicken yard to keep out any pesky flying predictors.

He did his usual research, on-line and in stores, looking for the best possible price. His searching proved that this purchase of netting was gonna set him back $130! Ouch! Let me tell you…this is NOT something he wanted to spend money on…but felt this was the only way to protect his (my) chickens and his investment. So after some serious thinking and a little grumbling, he finally bit the bullet and ordered the netting.

True story…no kidding….from that day forward the chicken hawk was nowhere to be found and we never lost another chicken. Devin was puzzled by this to say the least, but more than that, he was a little perturbed and aggravated that he “panicked” and blew $130 for nothin’. He and Caleb decided not to put up the net just yet…thinking maybe he would send it back and get his $130 refunded. I encouraged him to wait on sending it back…just in case the ol’ hawk made a come back.

Week after week we watched and waited….still nothing. No varmint of any kind…not even the hawk. But the netting was waiting…still in the box, just in case.

Earlier today while Devin, Caleb and I were enjoying a quiet evening watching the chickens, Devin began to complain about his lost $130. “Well”, he said with an exasperated tone, “I guess I’m just a man who lost that $130…I jumped the gun and bought too soon…I should have waited.”

As Devin was mumbling those words, Caleb leaned over to me and whispered, “I told him not to do it. I told him to wait before he bought it but he didn’t listen to me…he just did it anyway.”

Any time I, or any of the kids catch Devin in a mistake, we like to hear him admit that he is wrong…just because it doesn’t happen very often. But what’s even sweeter is when he admits that he is wrong AND that WE are RIGHT…this phenomenon is even more unlikely! Actually, Big foot sightings are more likely than Devin admitting he is wrong and that we are right!

Anyway, after Caleb whispered his secret to me, he decided to be bold and tell his dad. He said, “dad, do you think you wasted your money?” Devin replied, “well, yeah, it looks like I’m a man who lost $130.” Caleb smiled and said, “I told you dad. I told you not to order it and that you should wait before buying it!” Caleb waited patiently for Devin to utter those three precious word…YOU ARE RIGHT… But nothing came. Devin just sat there.

In that span of time while Devin sat there saying nothing, and Caleb waited for those three precious words, there were approximately 14 Big Foot sightings!

Caleb waited a little while longer…then he decided to lure Devin in to an admission of guilt by asking a question, he asked, “dad, if you were wrong about buying the netting when I told you not to buy it…then that would make me what…?

Devin paused and thought…then he said, ” we’ll, that would make you the son of the man who just lost $130″

I busted out in laughter and Caleb walked away shaking his head with a sheepish grin on his face. Bless his heart.

For the record, Devin was wrong, Caleb was right and Big Foot lives on 😉