A few months ago I brought Miss Bayle home to live with us.I found her at the local pound. Remember her from the post titled “pound puppy”? She is my little Beagle blessing for sure!

She is cute as a button and sweet as pie, but boy oh boy she is a piece of work! I swear she is part raccoon. She can sniff out food, climb up to reach it and then open almost any package. She has eaten a package of gum, she got into Devin’s hunting back pack and ate his donut stash, and then she ate an entire tin of the most wonderful peanut brittle. That one really made her sick!

For Christmas, I bought a bunch of poinsettias to put on my front porch…..yep, you guessed it! She didn’t eat them…..she just tore them to shreds. She drug my front porch Christmas trees out into the yard and took ornaments off the tree. She went into my closest, took my bra and hid it under my bed. I couldn’t imagine what had happened to it. I quizzed everybody in the house trying to figure out who took it! It took me three weeks to finally find it under my bed. Crazy dog!

She has chewed up remotes, ear buds to Cassady’s iPod and plastic army men. The other day I saw my neighbor stomping her way across the field in front of our house. She didn’t look very happy (again). She came over to inform me that my little sweet Bayle had dug up her entire yard looking for moles! It’s always something! Why do I even have dogs? oh yeah, because I love them!

When Colton and Megan came home for Christmas they brought their dog, Rocco. He is a sweet, mixed breed dog that weighs about 45 pounds or so and is about a year older than Bayle. One morning Devin went out to feed all four dogs. It’s kinda tricky trying to feed all the dogs and make sure they eat their own food and not somebody else’s. Our dogs know who’s food is who’s, but when you add the “new dog” in the mix, it just stirs things up. Sure enough Bayle decided that she wanted her food and Rocco’s too. She prances right over to his bowl, growls and snaps at him! Bless his heart. He just tucked his tail and let her have his food. Devin witnessed the offense and quickly remedied the problem by separating them even further. It didn’t work. Bayle did it again! Man she’s a tough little thing! Finally Devin got on to her and convinced Rocco to come back and eat.

When Devin came in I said, “why is she so mean?” He said, “that’s just the way females are……they are cantankerous! That’s why they call female dogs what they call them.” (I am assuming you know what he means by that).

Well of course I took offense. Then I said, “Are you saying that woman are mean?” he said, “well…..you saw how she acted……”

Ok, somebody is gonna draw back a nub!

I then replied, “who commits most of the murders in this world? Who kidnaps? Who does all the robbing and plundering of villages?” MEN!

I was sure I had him now.

“Yes, the men do” he said, ” because the women drive them to destruction”.

Ok now he is just trying to get me riled up! And it’s working!

With that I said, “well then, you must have a wonderful wife because you haven’t been driven to rob or plunder villages.” He quickly agreed and said, “yes ma’am, I have it REAL good!

Whew! Glad we got that settled!

Just a little friendly banter in the Rohr household 😉