I woke up this morning with ONE thing on my mind. Working in my yard! I love it all, from:

Cleaning out flower beds…all 12.

Choosing a color pallet.

Going to the nursery and filling up the back end of my car with plants.

Getting dirt under my nails.

Filling every old bucket, wash tub, and tea kettle I can find with Begonias and petunias.

And then, after a long hard day, standing back and admiring the beauty of it all.

This truly makes me a happy girl!

There is one thing though I don’t particularly like about being in the great outdoors. TICKS! I hate them little suckers! Living in the country will almost guarantee a tick bite very now and then…today was one of those times.

After nearly eight hours of planting pleasure I finally hit my wall, you know…the wall that keeps you from going another inch further….yeah that one, I hit it hard! I drug my poor exhausted, abused body though the front door, through the house and straight to the shower. Once I was in the shower, I felt it. An itchy spot….that’s a spot that itches. Well, I had one, right on the back of my leg. I immediately began to check and see if it was a maybe tick. All I could see was a few red bumps….no tick, thank goodness because those things itch for days!

Anyway, after I got out of the shower I did a little more itchy spot investigating and Voila….there he was (I’m pretty sure it was a he) about two inches above where the little red dots were. He had apparently gone on an eating tour of my leg…like a traveling buffet….or an all you can eat white meat smorgasbord! Whatever he did, I’m sure he must have been full because my leg was covered in little anoying itchie bites…and just like Goldie Locks…he was still there!

Once I had found the blood sucking machine I quickly came to the realization that I could not take care of this problem by myself….as much as I hated to….I was gonna have to ask Devin for help. Of course all I could think of was the Brad Pasley song, “I’d like to check you for ticks”…need I say more?

I reluctantly opened my bedroom door and said, “Devin, can you come here? I need you to do something for me”

Let me just say right here….he didn’t move. As usual. It’s like there is a 30 second delay when anything or any question is asked of him. As if the words are hanging in mid air somwhere and haven’t made it to his ears yet…or maybe he does hear it and is weighing his options…to answer or to play dumb. You know…the selective hearing thing. Whatever the reason is, I know that 99.9% of the time that I ask a question, I have to either repeat myself or just forget it all together.

Not this time though!

After I made my request known by saying, “Devin, I need you to do something for me”,

there was no movement

no acknowledgement….


Then I followed my request up with the HOOK by adding, “I need you to come get this tick”.

Instantly! Without hesitation, he threw down the lever on the side of his recliner, dropped the foot rest and quickly rose to his feet! It was like Lasarus being raised from the dead all over again or the zombie uprising from The Walking Dead. Suddenly my need took top priority! As he made his way to our bedroom I heard Caleb say, “uh oh daddy, did you hear that? Momma has a tick. Looks like you might get lucky!”

He’s been listening to too many country songs.

I assured Devin that I really did have a tick and that was ALL I needed for him to do. After a few stupid 8th grader remarks by Devin…he finally plucked the tick with tweezers and I sent him on his way.

I learned something today….something I’ve always wondered about. I learned that men DO hear what we say…they just pretend that they don’t.

And another thing….I’m gonna use this tick tag line again! Maybe the next time I need him to take out the trash 😉