Yesterday, as I ran out of the house at 7:15 AM for a full day of cooking, I noticed how nasty my floors were. Between, living on a dirt road, having two rambunctious kids, a hard-working-garden-loving-wood cutting-husband, two cats and a hurried lifestyle, my floors were a mess, no question about it. At that moment I turned on my heel and penned this note.

Notice the Tater Tot claw marks at the bottom of the picture. That’s one aggravating cat.

On another non-related note, last night in my cooking class, one of the ladies (Sharon) said, “please tell me you’re not perfect at everything you do, because if you were, that would be pretty annoying!”. I laughed and said “Lord no! I’m terrible at math and I can’t spell worth a flip.”

Note the misspelled word in my note? I spelled vaccume wrong…oops I did it again…vacuum. That’s better. I wish my green Sharpie had spell check. Well, there’s proof positive, I’m not perfect. Not even close!

Now back to my note and dirty floors. The kids did their part and picked up their junk…now it’s my turn to do my part. I kinda wish I hadn’t written that note now, because I HATE sweeping, mopping and vaccuming vacuuming. At any rate, I am now in the process of cleaning the floors because I am a woman of my word.

Here’s some shots of my floor cleaning attire.

Notice the mismatched socks? I couldn’t find two that matched.

I love my chicken apron. It makes me happy.

This little flower in my hair makes me happy too, and I need all the happiness I can get on floor cleaning day 😉

Please tell me you don’t look like June Cleaver when you clean! Am I the only one who looks like Goodwill exploded on them? What’s your favorite floor cleaning attire?

P.S. if you see more misspelled words, never fear, my mother will let me know as soon as she reads this 😉