wpid-screenshot_2015-04-11-23-21-33-1.pngThis is one of those posts that I struggled with, I battled back and forth, should I write it or not. But, I’ve promised my readers, my mother, myself and God that I would write what was on my mind and heart and try not to listen all the static in my head. So here I go. By the way, what I’m writing about today just happened yesterday, so yay for me for not waiting 6 months to share it with some of my favorite people. My readers!


It all began while waiting in line at Mc Donald’s for a diet coke. As I sat in the drive through line, something in the car in front of me caught my eye. Oddly enough, it was the waddle of a woman in line ahead of me. That’s all I could see in the reflection of her side mirror. Her waddle. What’s a waddle? Well, it’s that flap of skin that develops under the chin as we age. It’s not a double chin from weight gain or bad posture, it’s just excess skin that starts to sag as we get older. Outside of plastic surgery, most of us will sport a waddle at some point, it’s just a fact of life. The first thing that popped into my head when I saw it was, Oh my! I hope my waddle doesn’t get that big and flappy. (I know, not my greatest moment) As soon as that vain thought entered my head, cars began to move and the line shortened. The more I changed position in line, the more of her face I could see. I kept inching forward until eventually I saw her face in its entirety, and I have to admit I was a little taken back but what I saw. I saw a beautiful woman. Just beautiful. Her lips, her eyes and overall expression was a beautiful sight to behold. I began to feel a little ashamed for my shallow thoughts.

Then it happened.

The lesson.

That still small voice that gently guides me thru life, nudges me to stay on track and shows me the error of my ways. He told me this, Tonya, do you see that face? I love that face. All of it. See those lips? They have kissed many boo boo’s and cheeks over the years bringing comfort to those she loves. That mouth? She has used that mouth to sing my praises in church, to give a smile to a stranger, to speak words of encouragement to an overwhelmed young mother and to whisper “I love you’s” to those under her care. Those eyes have seen a lot and cried a lot yet they are still full of hope and compassion. And her hair? Even though it is now gray and somewhat thinner, I still know the number of hairs she has left on her head. Her face, in its entirety, is special to me. It has a story. It has value. All of it. Even her waddle.

Of course I felt badly for allowing myself to focus on something so trivial as a flap of skin, but I did, I admit it, and this is what I walked away with:

Don’t worry about your waddle in the making, or anyone else’s for that matter. My waddle is somewhat small at this point but I’m thinking it will become more noticeable as time rocks on, and that’s OK because the One who created me says He’s not worried about my waddle. The waddle doesn’t really matter to Him. What matters is what’s above the waddle. That I have mouth that speaks words to build up and not tear down, a smile that brings hope to those who need it, eyes that see beyond the exterior, and a facial expression that reflects the joy that only Christ can give. Basically it’s not what you have or don’t have, or what you look like or don’t look like, what matters is how you use what’s been given to you. That’s what matters.

I wish I could have sat down with that beautiful lady and shared an order of fries with her, She could have told me her story and I would’ve told her mine. We would’ve appreciated each others worth, importance, value and even our waddles 😉

Thanks for reading! And thank you for sharing my posts with your friends! I love you more than fries and a coke!