In case you haven’t heard, I’m married to the worlds tightest man….it’s ok though….don’t feel sorry for me, because I’ve found creative ways to work around him and his favorite word, “NO!”. My children, on the other hand, are still learning how to navigate his tight wad ways.

This little conversation, between Devin and Caleb, made me chuckle this morning as I was making lunches, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Devin had a few extra minutes this morning while waiting for the kids to finish their morning routine in getting ready for school. Amongst the hustle and bustle of the morning drama, he walked into the living room, promptly sat himself down in his chair, opened his iPad (which was a gift) and began to read.

This struck Caleb as odd (there’s not usually time for morning reading in the Rohr household) so he ask, “what are you doing dad?” “reading”, Devin said. (he’s a man of few words, or word in this case) well, that wasn’t enough for Caleb so he pressed for more information. “reading? What are you reading?”, he asked. “a book”, Devin replied (a regular chatty Cathy, he is). Caleb continued to probe, “a book? How did you get a book on there?” Devin brought his iPad down so he could look at Caleb…feeling a little frustrated with all the questions, and said, “I bought it”. ” YOU bought a book?” Caleb asked, “How much was it?” “$9.99” he said. Shocked, Caleb said, “$9.99?….NINE NINE-TY NINE??? I can’t believe you spent $9.99 on a book!” “we’ll, I did”, Devin replied.

I guess Caleb was feeling especially brave and bullet proof when he said this last statement….he replied with, “you won’t even buy me an ice-cream cone from Mc Donald’s but you can buy a book for your iPad? What’s up with that?” Devin calmly and profoundly said, “well, an ice cream cone doesn’t last very long and later it just turns in to manure. That’s a waste of money.”

Unbelievable. Poor kid.

I wanted to say, “a wise man once said….” but i didn’t….I did laugh out loud though….and then I peaked around the corner to see if he was channeling Confucius!

I always knew Devin was a wise man but this nugget of wisdom was jaw dropping, and as always, he is right….nauseatingly right.

Note: a new purse lasts a long time and does NOT turn into manure 😉