On June 4, 1963 your role in the world changed. On that day you became a mother. My mother. You gave birth to me in a country that was foreign to you. On that day there was no mom or dad to cheer you on. No family to lend a hand and no friend to give you advice, yet you brilliantly stepped into the role of motherhood.

As I look back on our years together, memories flood my mind.

I remember crawling in the bed with you on those early, cold mornings and snuggling up to you so soft and warm.

I remember when we would pile up in my canopy bed and you would read me bible stories.

I remember the smell of Oil of Olay when you would come in to kiss me good night.

I remember how you would smell of my cheek every time you kissed it and then you would say, “you smell so good”.

I can remember the times you would stop what you were doing so we could wrestle on the bed.

I remember thinking how beautiful you were and how I wanted to look just like you. You would let me walk in your high heel shoes and wear your jewelry around the house. You never cared.

I remember you teaching me how to put on make-up and act like a lady.

I remember shopping until the stores shut down….literally.

I remember staying up late and talking about my dates and boy stuff.

I remember how much fun we had planning for my wedding and shopping for my dress.

You were the first person I told when Devin asked me to marry him.

The first one to see my ring.

The first one to know when I got pregnant with Colton…..even before Devin ;-).

You are the first one I go to with happy news.

The first one I go to with a heavy heart

We have laughed.

We have cried.

We have prayed.

We have schemed.

We have hoped.

We have dreamed.

We think alike.

We look alike.

We sound alike.

We have the same sense of humor and the same sense of style.

You have been the single most influential person in my life and for that I am forever grateful.

I know we have had our rough times, times when I stepped out of the boundaries, made mistakes, made you cry, made you worry….but you NEVER gave up on me and NEVER stopped loving

When I run into a road block and am not sure how to handle it, I think to myself….what would mom do?

You pray for me constantly.

You laugh at my jokes.

You encourage me when I am down.

You believe I am the best person to ever walk planet earth and that I can do anything.

You are my example of a Godly woman.

You are my best friend.

I want to thank you for…

The sacrifices you have made,

For loving me no matter what,

For being my sounding board,

For supporting me in all I do.

You are my mom

My friend

My hero