Being a mom is both, the hardest and most rewarding job in the whole wide world. There are times when you think to yourself, man I got this mom thing down….you know…when your kids have straight A’s and they clean their rooms without you asking them to. And then there are those days when you ask yourself, what was I thinking when I had these kids?…. you know….when your kid tells the pastor to take a flyin’ leap….or….when they pee in the neighbor’s front yard….sometimes it’s just all too much!

Then there are days like today…kinda in between. Nothing really bad and nothing really good…just your average day. The kids went to school, I did work around the house and in the yard, when school was over it was back home for homework and then some fun and relaxation. Everything was rockin’ along just fine until, right before bed time, Caleb came to me with some concerns and annoyances of life. That’s when my ordinary day turned into an extraordinary day.

I had noticed that Caleb had been a little on edge for a few days, which is unusual for this good-hearted soul. It wasn’t anything too alarming….just kid stuff….but I wondered what was on his mind. Just before bed time he came to me with his deep thoughts. These times are difficult for me as a mom because I can’t just kiss it and make it all better. There is NO quick fix or pat answer to satisfy. I was searching every part of my heart…hoping to find an answer…hoping I could help.

Suddenly I remembered something I used to do with Colton when he was about this same age. I said, “tomorrow, I am gonna put a penny in my shoe and every time I feel that penny, I am going to pray for you. I used to do it for your brother when he was your age, now I will do it for you.” he looked at me with those big brown eyes and said, “really?” “yes”, I said, “I will be wearing my tennis shoes tomorrow, working in the yard, and when I feel it moving around in my shoe I will stop and pray for you.” Then he said the sweetest thing ever. He said, “could you make it a quarter instead, so you will feel it more, because I need a lot of prayer!”

Is it hard sometimes being a mom? Yes!

Do I get frustrated? Many times!

Are there times when I don’t know what I’m doing? Absolutely!

But what a privilege! What a privilege! Not only is it a privilege to be their mom but oh what a privilege it is to hold them up in prayer on a daily basis and know that God is listening! Some days need more prayer than others….some days you need a penny….some days you need a quarter….some days you might need a ROLL of quarters! Either way…just pray!

Thank you God for wisdom and for loving my kids more than I do!

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