Philippians 4:6-8 is my GO TO passage of scripture. When my mind is feeling overwhelmed and NOTHING makes sense, or if I can’t pull myself out of a negative thinking mode….this verse is like a warm blanket to my soul. The Lord woke me from a dead sleep when I was just a young girl and gave me this portion of scripture to live by….I had never even read it before, so when I staggered out of bed to look up this mysterous scripture, I was pleased to find such a comforting passage. Little did I know, at that simple time in my life, that I would go to this safe place in Gods word, hundreds of times.

Once again, this morning, I found myself reading Philippians 4:6-8 one more time. When I read it, I imagine God himself speaking to me in my everyday, easy to understand vernacular. Kind of like this…

Ok girl, you gotta stop worrying about everything! Stop fretting over every little thing that crosses your path. Instead, why don’t you just give thanks for all the good stuff in your life, and there’s plenty! Like your family, a roof over your head….a lot of people don’t have that ya know, your beautiful healthy family, awesome friends, a steady income, and most of all….knowing that you have Me, the creator of the Universe on your side! I mean, if I am for you….who can be against you…right? Now, tell me what’s on your heart. What do you desire? What are yor needs? What are your fears? Give Me your worries and your fears and I will, in return, flood you with My peace. It’s the kind of peace that is hard to describe and is puzzling to most, but it is real and powerful just the same. With that indescribable peace, I will protect your heart and your mind from the worry this old world can bring.

Now, GET UP and stop your fretting and worrying! Instead, replace those negative thoughts with good thoughts, happy thoughts, positive thoughts like…things that are true and pure Things that are noble and right. Things that are lovely and admirable.

Tonya, is there anything good in your life? Anything excellent? Is there anything praiseworthy at all? If there is, then think on these things! Trust me, if you do this, I will pour My peace on you and it will be with you…always. Now chillax sister!

I Love you, God.

Thought you (my readers) could use this word too! Now go and have a worry free day!

Thanks for reading! I love you more than curly fries!