With each passing week I get closer to being a chicken owner and with each passing week I get more excited. Seriously I can hardly wait!

Some of you may be asking….like me….what’s taking so long??

Let’s get some chickens already!

Well, sense we have only been able to work on the weekends, it’s taking a little longer than expected. Mr. Wonderful scheduled to take off three days last week during spring break so he could knock it in the head in one final swoop and guess what?

It rained.

And rained.

And poured.

For days…and days…

Needless to say, ‘twernt no hen house work going on that week, but BEFORE spring break week, we did make some great progress….it was slow progress but progress just the same. Here is an example of what we’ve run in to that slows things down a bit.

Right smack dab in the middle of the chicken yard stood a role of stock fence that sombody stood up on its end many, many years ago…from the looks of things…Noah probably put it there right after the great flood. Well, maybe not that many years ago…but long enough for a tree to grow up right in the middle of it! Guess what. It had to be moved! Guess what else. It was harder than it looked.

When I showed up my sweet Caleb was working very hard cutting down one side if the role which was wrapped around the tree about eight times, or I should say the tree grew up in the middle of the role of fencing that was wrapped eight times. Anyway…however you put it…it was a mess!

Look at that little man!

I jumped in to give him a break and pull my weight. We finally got it cut!

Here’s my scratches to prove that I helped. I’m thinking about filing for workmans comp.

After the cutting we (they) hooked the chain to it and pulled it off with the tractor.

There it goes.

After the ancient fence roll was out of the way I asked Mr. Wonderful what else I could to to help. He handed me some “loppers” and said I could cut some little baby trees that were looking for roll of fence to grow up in…when I picked them up I notice how old and pathetic they were (I think Noah must have left them here) then I remembered using them a while back…and I remembered hating them…you know why? Because they are nuckle crackers! There’s nothing to stop the handles from busting the knuckles of the user…which would be me!

“I hate these things”, I said, “do you have any that are NOT Antique Roadshow eligible? “there’s nothing wrong with those” he said. “yes there is, I always crack my knuckles together and it makes me mad”, I protested. He sort of chuckled and said, “just move your knuckles out of the way”.

Guess what. I tried to move my knuckles but couldn’t operate them using open hands.

Guess what happened. I busted my knuckles!

Guess what happened next. I got mad. Real mad.

Guess what Mr. Wonderful did. He laughed.

Guess what I did next. I threw them down on the ground and quit…declaring to go buy a new, non-knuckle-busting pair. Maybe a pair with red handles to match my boots 😉

After that little episode was over we decided to take a breather. We walked over to my car where I had some music playing for our working entertainment.

Here are two sets of boots worn by two of my favorite hard working guys.

As we were resting Caleb asked, “Dad, did you listen to this kind of music when you were young? (classic rock was playing) Devin typically takes forever to answer a question so I often answer for him sense I know him better than he knows himself 😉 “no”, I said, “he didn’t listen to any music.” “really”, Caleb asked, “not even country music Dad?” once again I answered, “no, nothing…he didn’t listen to anything…no music at all.” “what did you do Dad if you didn’t listen to music?”, Caleb asked. “nothing”, I said, “he just drove…in silence…nothing else…can you believe that?”

Finally Devin decided to speak up…he’s kind of like E.F.Hutton…when he speaks people listen. Devin paused, threw his head back as if to ponder…like he was trying to recall a memory…then he said, “Oh…what was the name of that one ol’ boy that had that one song I used to listen to?” (emphasis on “one”) Caleb just busted out in laughter and said, “you only liked one song?” then a lightbulb went off and he said with a smile, “oh yeah! It was Jerry Reed and the song was Amos Moses…you remember…from Smokey and the Bandit?” and he walked off singing, “alaigator bit him in the Louisiana bayou…clean up to the elbow…”

It was the funniest thing I have heard in quite a while.

Jerry Reed?

Amos Moses?

Smokey and the Bandit?

I stand corrected. I guess he did listen to music. Bless his heart.

Stay tuned for more hen house happenings.