Something happend to me the other day that I absolutely could not believe….I’m not sure anybody else believed it either. It was what I call a God wink.

What’s a God wink you ask?

A God wink is a sign of sorts, a signal if you will. Just a little something that God does to let us know that He is thinking about us, and that He loves us. Some may call them coincidences, but I don’t, I call them…well you know. Let me tell you what happened and you can decide for yourself.

Last Christmas, a year ago, I had two aprons given to me by two dear friends, Kay and Lana. One was the cutest little pink and white striped apron, almost like a candy stripers smock, remember those? I used to be a candy striper, delivering flowers and newspapers to patients in the hospital. You know what I learned while being a candy striper? I learned that you never know what’s on the other side of the hospital room door! YIKES! I saw things that my 14 year eyes was not prepared to see!

Anyway, back to my apron, it was pink and white striped and had the perfect quote embroidered on the front bib. It read, “Will cook for shoes”, and along the bottom of the skirt it read, “and shoes and shoes and shoes” I just love it! It’s perfect for me….I kind of like shoes 😉

The other apron was equally cute but totally different. It was black and fit perfectly with a little ruffle along the bottom and it had the initial “T” on the pocket…it was way cute!

Fast forward one year, to December 2011. I was in the car, on my way to church one Sunday morning, and for some reason I started thinking about aprons….not sure why….they just popped in my head. I thought about my pink one and how cute it was, about how I loved the pink stripes and how perfect the quote was on the bib. Then I thought about my black one and how well it fit and how I loved the ruffle on the bottom. Then I thought, I wish I could put the two aprons together and have a black apron with the ruffle on the bottom with the same quote as the pink one….you know…kind of the best of both worlds. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE them both, but put them both together…and you would have the perfect apron!

As fast as this random thought entered my mind…poof….it was gone again. And forgotten as with most of my crazy daydreams.

As I made my way in the church through the back doors, I saw my friend Marlynn waving me into the kitchen. I went in, hugged necks and said good morning to all who were in the room. When I got to Marlynn, she turned around, picked up a small bag and handed it to me. She said, “this is for you, it’s from my mom”. I was somewhat surprised and not really sure what the occasion was but I was happy to take the bag and said, “thank you!” I couldn’t imagine what it was. I LOVE gifts and I LOVE surprises and I especially LOVE them when they are so unexpected! So as you can imagine I was filled with excitement! I reached into the bag and was blown away to find a black apron with hot pink piping, a ruffle on the bottom and the words “will cook for shoes” embroidered on the front bib!!

I’m not kidding!

You can’t make this stuff up!!

Sounds like a Hallmark movie moment right?

Well, I just couldn’t believe my eyes! I was so shocked because, just twenty minutes before I was daydreaming about this very apron. Never had spoken of it or thought of it before…and now here I was holding it in my hands!

THAT my friends, is a God wink!

If God gives such attention to the appearence of wildflowers, don’t you think he’ll attend to you? Matthew 6:30 (The Message)

A special thanks to Kay Sawyer, Lana Yates and Marilyn Feuerstein for my beautiful aprons! And for making my day BIG! Love you!